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We have not been getting any emails from the Spanish school. Today in a break in the class, I asked to be put back on their mailing list.
Daniella (The secretary ) told me that there was an Asado today, so I agreed to go.
Not until later did I find it was at Magdelena’s (The Principal) house at eight. This almost certainly meant we would not get to Fulgor tonight.
I devised a plan, we could catch the 106 collective and if it was late, get off at Cordoba y Salguero. The bus carries on from here so I could get off at Cordoba y Araoz for Canning or Ramirez y Malabia for Fulgor. Wherever we would go it would be juntos, it all depended on the time.
We had a great time and Gaston cooked the food beautifully. The time however marched on. We gave a bit of a tango demonstration, but the floor area was very limited and it was slippery. All the time I had trouble staying upright. Everyone seemed impressed, although I think the alcohol helped.
The meat kept coming, and it got too late for Fulgor. It soon became unreasonable to go to Canning as well.
So when we finally left we decided to go straight home.
On Santa fe there was no sign of a 106 Parada. We crossed into Rodreguez Peña and two 106’s came around the corner. I still could not see a bus stop. I looked at the driver as he passed, and threw my hands up in resignation. He looked straight back at me, and I thought for just one moment he would stop. Not a chance, we watched the two busses drive off into the distance.
I checked every Parada and non said 106, so I asked a local couple. “proxima quadra” they said. We had walked almost to Cordoba before we found a bus stop.
It was late and busses get rarer the later you get. Possibly the only two out had already passed us, so we hailed a taxi.
We were picked up by Grandad from “Fools and Horses”. More white hair and beard than Santa Clause. I said to him “Bulnes y Guardia Vieja” just to keep the route simple.
We set off up Cordoba and had a short conversation about a cyclist and cyclists in general. Then he turned right into Mario Bravo “Donde vas?” I asked “Bulnes y Guardia Vieja es izquierda de Cordoba”. He babbled something about his GPS and a taxi firm on Bulnes. I have been given the run around before by taxi drivers and that is why, despite the reasonable price, I prefer not to use them. The meter showed $40 and he knew he was caught, so he said he would fix the price at $40.
After we had done a loop, he passed a taxi place on Mario Bravo y Guardia Vieja, which he pointed out. I declined to tell him that this was also on the left of Cordoba and gave him a $50 note. Well it is only £2.50 and we had an almost free night.
A note for any visitors “Get to know the streets and Watch the Taxi drivers”

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