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Today I thought we would act like tourists for a change. We walked over to Palermo to have a look at all the tat for sale.
We were surprised how little was open. Most things are closed in Buenos Aires on a Sunday, but usually Palermo is a buzz. A giant trap to get all the money they can out of the tourists.
Midday and still many of the stalls were not yet set up. We set off to look for the bookstore where we could have a drink. We could not find it, but knew as soon as we stopped looking it would appear. So we followed the ferria around Armenia and Costa Rica, looking at the stalls.
There is a bar at the junction of Costa Rica and Malabia where we stopped for some Jugo and media lunas. It was good and cheaper than yesterday, but I was put off when the waitress said “That is without the tip” I had intended to drop her $10, instead she got $5. The worst is she probably will not even realise.
We walked back down Costa Rica, and, you guessed it, there was Crack Up our favourite book store and bar.
Vi spent some time browsing the clothes, but nothing floated her boat so we set off back along Serrano. We were hot so it was time for some ice cream. The place was deserted, which again I found surprising. The guy rushed to put his apron on and serve us. He let Viv sample the chocolate mouse before buying. We even got a glass of iced water when we had finished. Excellent service, I will remember this place.
We had that steak we bought yesterday for tea. Just seared it was delicious, we British are not used to eating like this, especially for less than £2.
It’s Sunday so we are back to Fulgor again. The new faces are still there and still puzzled as to why these extranjeros are greeted more than they are. Numbers are up from Thursday, but nowhere near what we used to get here. I don’t know if it is the time of year or that this type of club is just on the wane. Nobody else seems worried, so perhaps it will improve.
The heat is now getting to us and, despite dancing every tanda, we leave at just after ten thirty. The walk home is a drudge in this heat, but then I did complain that it was not as hot as I expected last week. Serves me right, I suppose.

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