Bundle of sunshine

I am off to try and get my money again. I left at quarter to ten and arrived before five to, expecting the place to be still closed, but it was open.
Inside was one guy waiting and two counters, there was a lady behind one and the bundle of sunshine I had encountered yesterday behind the other.
I walked towards the counter and he started again, gesticulating. Seems I should sit and wait. I saw one of those rolls of numbers and thought “I better take one of those”
Then our bundle of sunshine started whistling at the guy waiting, and gesticulating again.
I am not sure I would like to be summoned like a dog, but he had the money, and with that the power.
Fortunately The lady in the next booth then called me, She had to take a photocopy of my Passport, and then I had to sign a piece of paper, after that she just counted out the money. I was back home again by ten past. Well done Azimo.
We had anther visit from Philippe so that is another load of stuff we have got rid of, and he told us where he is having his party on Saturday. looking forward to that.
Finally and we can stop for breakfast. No oats, and that is something else I love about this place. The supermarket is just across the street, so while Viv cooks the apples I can stock up with oats and juice. It is almost seamless.
We had a good class today, although I was, at first, surprised that Viv enjoyed hers. They were making a tort, you see. With Dulce de Leche, which she hates. I found out after that one of the alumni’s brought in some beer as well. Alcohol can certainly lift her spirit.
We stopped a while to help eat the tort, finish the beer off and say goodbye to some of those who were not coming back next week.
We also watched a bit of the tango class, they were just walking and one guy already gave up after ten minutes. Outside of the class I gave him some help, but I don’t think he was for carrying on.
I thought we would walk for a bit and we again walked around the Palace de Aguas. Eventually I found a door that was open and asked the guard “Hay una museo?” typically he said “Si pero es cerrado” So I tried “quen es abierto?” and he said “Lunes a Viernes a uno y media”. I didn’t quite understand this Monday to Friday at one thirty, until when? or from when? But he just repeated it. I just love the way they are so specific here. On the web it says Mon to Fri 9:00 to 13:00. never trust a security guard, I say.
Another Fulgor night and again the numbers are poor, still we had a good time. Much kissing again, but the night was short.
When we got back I tried to get Viv some money from Azimo, but they kept rejecting her card. The trouble is she did not bring her smart key so we cannot access her online banking. This means that there is now no way she can access her money.
So no new shoes and dresses this time, unless we can devise another plan.

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  1. jantango

    You are now on record with the money transfer agency that has a photocopy of your passport. Either you signed a copy of the receipt for their records OR you signed a declaration about the source of your funds. They report it to AFIP whether you are foreigner or Argentine. It’s the same way when I go to get money. I take a number and wait my turn at one of the three counters. The put large amounts of bills through an automatic counter and then hand count the additional amount. And you thought you’d have to take a boat trip to Colonia when all you needed to do was learn the Azimo process. You’re registered to make more transfers that take minutes. Don’t forget your password to login.

    Viv is the only person I know who doesn’t like dulce de leche. It’s used not only in alfajores (cookies) but in tortas (cakes). And let’s not forget the ice cream and chocolates. She’s missing one of the best Argentine inventions. Kraft stole the idea and called it caramel.

    Your ear isn’t fine tuned to the language to hear “Lunes a Viernes hasta uno y media.” Hasta (until) was the key word you missed. The guard was giving you correct information for the Museo del Agua. A person entering before 1pm has until 1:30pm for the tour.

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