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Cat attack

A good start to the day, we got some place mats and all the food for lunch, on our first sortie.
I left Viv to go back and I went to the Correo. That’s the electric bill paid, again no problems. There is a hairdresser on the same block on Corrientes, got my hair done for $70. That is half the price at home. I even stopped for some salad at the verduria.
Now, suddenly there are Pagofacil everywhere and Peluqueria on every corner. A bit like the busses really.
Everything done by eleven, perhaps I should go and look for a shoe rack while I am winning, but maybe not as Janis is coming for lunch.
Viv whipped up a great pasta and I prepared a salad. Janis kept us talking for hours, then it was time to rush off to Nuevo Chique.
Geoff and Pauline were there again, apparently she was ill last week and that is why she was missing.
Danced with all my usual ladies, but missed Pauline. They had to rush off and I did not see them go.
The drivers on the collectivos must think we are strange. We always ask for Guardia Vieja and then get off at Corrientes. The thing is halfway home we decide to call into La Riena for something tasty to take home with us. They had cheese straws and scones again, well you just have to.
Viv saw the cat as we entered, I did not. Cats, it seems, enjoy annoying dog people, this one was no exception. It decided to pounce and grab my leg as I passed. I nearly jumped out of my skin. For a few seconds I had no idea what was holding my leg or why.
I probably won’t sleep tonight, cat nightmares.
Money is getting short and it is difficult to get more over here, so Janis told me about Azimo. It looks a simple system, until it asked for an image of my Passport, that took three attempts, as I do not have a scanner here. My next problem is that it needs to verify my card. We are out of banking hours, so I have messaged my bank. I need to wait now and see what happens. Something else to loose sleep over.


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