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Dancing with a Giant

Monday’s are getting a bit samey. All rush to make some lunch to take with us. A change of clothing and then out to school.
Typically Argentine though, our SUBE cards need topping up and there are two windows in the subte station. One, as always is closed, the other has a sign on the SUBE station “No funciona”
Viv did not have enough for the journey, fortunately I had enough. No, I didn’t leave here there, I paid for both. Luckily there is a bolateria at Uruguay, where we get off, so we could top up there.
After the class we took our usual 150 Collectivo to Carlos Calvo, then only one block to Obalisco. Quick change of clothes then we are away again.
The numbers were seriously down especially the women, which suited Viv. I actually had to miss a couple of tandas, sitting there looking at women who would not dance. I could hear Viv’s voice in my head saying “welcome to my world”. Still I prefer it this way, at least she is happy.
There is a giant of a man there, by the name of Carlo, looks like Jimmy Nail. It was the first time he has asked Viv to dance. I should have taken a picture for all those women at home who complain that the man is too tall.
There was no extended walk tonight, we went straight for our 151 and then to Guardia la Vieja.
More empanadas and salad. The service is still slow this time of night, but beer with nuts, empanadas and salad with pan for £8 with tip, ain’t bad, and only two blocks from home.

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