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Is Villa Crespo on the move?

We did not do much today, but at least I finally finished the painting. Next job is to clean the cooker, and that will be epic. I had a look and it is bolted to the wall the jets and air mix is in the burners so the top will not lift off and there is six years of grime under it all, watch this space.
We called in the chino again (I am not allowed to call it a chinky, it seems) and bought a nice piece of steak for tea. $28 less than £1.50 you just can’t argue with that. With just enough griddling to sear it, it was gorgeous. A couple of facturas from the new confiteria on the corner for afters. Not much point in eating out when you can eat in like this.
Still we had Fulgor to look forward to. I am sure that they are moving it further away, every night it seems to take longer. Marian had our drinks ready again, and as always it takes a good fifteen minutes to get in, what with all the kissing.
It is a much better night on Sunday, they have a proper DJ, but they still play too much Pugliese for me. The numbers are starting to rise as well. There were even some new faces, who seemed quite perplexed, that all these locals were greeting these extranjeros, kissing them even.
The Cumbia gives us a rest, but often is tagged alongside a Pugliese tanda so I am getting stiff by the time I get moving again.
I never won the sorteo tonight, still Viv thinks I drink too much anyway.
Roberto is still not there, but Ruben is doing a sterling job.
Now for that walk home again.

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