Plumbers don’t work that hard

Viv decided to put one of the curtain liners back (She had taken them off to wash them). and I was getting bored. I could not do any painting with the curtains across the floor and most of the small jobs were done.
So I elected to get some lunch. There is a sandwich bar just around the corner run by Stuart a Londoner. The queue was outside the door and I grabbed my number from the roll and waited.
When I asked for chicken wraps with salad she assumed I wanted a salad portion so I just asked for the small one, then I had to choose which salad items. I’m with Bill Bryson on this one, the more choice you have the less satisfied you are. Anyway I asked for some potato salad forgetting that Viv would not like it.
The wraps I had to choose from the recipes that were on the board. So I asked for the Criollo but without any sauces, which defeated the point, but that way there was nothing that Viv would not eat.
While I waited, I thought it would be a good time to abuse the chef a little. “Looks like bloody hard work to me” I said. He said ” I should go back to being a plumber” and I thought that London plumbers made a fortune. I have never seen anyone work that hard. He was cooking bread, griddling the wraps, frying the burgers, then cooking the kebab’s, as well as making up the wraps for sale. He had a system, no doubt. There is no way to do this much without being organised, but I felt tired just watching him.
I brought the wraps home and we had a feast, not sure if I can now move to get to the milonga. It was an awesome meal.
We took the 168 collective again to El Arranque, and again I got off too early. Trouble is they travel so fast and give you no time. Still it was only an extra three blocks walk, so no real harm done.
It looked like a whole different set of people today and we both had difficulty getting dances. We settled down to it in the end though. Our waiter didn’t have to wait to be asked though, our water was on the table, soon after we sat down. It’s good to be a regular.
Funny how some people will still not dance with us. I know Viv has this problem all the time, but I find it odd that when there are so many women, some of them think they are just too good to dance with me. While I don’t agree with the sentiment, I can understand how the men can afford to be choosy, but women who turn their noses up and then sit there not dancing, makes no sense to me.
We got more dances later on though and even did the Chacarera and Paso Doble.
We had a last tanda together then off in our 151 home.



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2 responses to “Plumbers don’t work that hard

  1. tangobob

    Most women, I find would rather be dancing, as would I. But it is true we are not all the same.
    I may be just a kid to most of them, but I find the older women will dance with me. As will the tourists.
    It is the locals who are about my age or younger who are snooty.
    Of course the women have as much right to be choosy as the men, but don’t sit there moaning that no one will dance with you when you turn away good dancers.
    That guy who looked clumsy, may have just had a mismatched partner. When you turned him down you may well have missed your best dance of the night.

  2. jantango

    I was surprised to see El Arranque full on Thursday like Saturday. I’m not a regular there, but thought I’d give it a try. There were only four familiar faces among the men, the rest were strangers to me. The floor was full. One man I know from Lo de Celia invited me for a tanda. That was all I danced in two hours while enjoying Mario Orlando’s excellent tandas. The other men I know were facing another direction, so there was no chance for a tanda with any of them.

    I can relate to those women who were sitting out. We’re not desperate to dance for the sake of dancing. I want to see how a man embraces and dances. Height matters, so I rule out very tall men because dancing with them is not comfortable for me. It’s not about dancing every tanda to get some exercise. It’s about dancing well. One great tanda is more satisfying than dozens of bad ones.

    If men can be choosy, so can the women. And don’t forget that the average dancer in El Arranque is past 70 years, some are past 80. You’re just a kid to them.

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