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Cucaracha Man

That day has come again, and, of course we were not ready. I heard the buzzers of every flat on our floor, but it did not register until ours rang. Then we had a mad panic to get some clothes on.
A short fat man stood at the door with a sprayer. In he came and gave a cursory spray here and there. So I pointed to the wall vent and asked him to spray there as well. Now he had someone who was actually interested, well then! So he proceeded with new enthusiasm.
There were chemicals dripping off every surface and the place smelled like a chemical works.
I don’t know about the cucarachas, but I could hardly breath, and I have this sudden desire to lay on my back and kick my legs in the air whilst spinning around erratically.
I still haven’t paid the electric bill, so I set off in hope. Of course I had jumped the gun, nothing opens here until ten. So I had another coffee and tried again later.
It is quite ironic really, I can’t pay the electric bill because the Coreo still has no electric. Funny there are pagofacil places everywhere, but I cannot find one near our apartment. I will just have to take the bill out with me later.
Well when we got to the subte, I had, of course, forgotten the bill. I will have to hurry because I only have 7 days to get my 35 centivos discount.
After the class we went on a wild goose chase looking for the Avon shop. I have since found it on the net and will have to go again tomorrow. So that is now two jobs for manaƱa and we have been invited to a parilla as well. I will need a holiday when we return.
It is Fulgor again tonight and we had the usual kisses when we entered. The numbers are seriously down and it is hard to see why. Roberto was not there, he is at home recovering from a hernia operation. I told Ruben to wish him well. Also Bob and Elsa were nowhere to be seen again. When I asked apparently Bob has conjunctivitis, you want to try understanding that in Spanish.
The atmosphere was not there and with so few numbers it all fell apart by eleven, so it was off home to an early bed again.

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