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More Lluvia

We managed a bit of a lie in today. 10 o’clock how decadent.
It is raining cats and dogs outside, so our plans to do something different are shelved again.
Nothing for it but to paint the kitchen wall, and sort the drawer unit out. ( The drawers stick out and catch the wardrobe door). Viv then cleaned out the kitchen drawers. You should have seen the muck in there. Six years of Buenos Aires grime. The tourist stuff will have to wait for another day.
I got a facebook message from Marcela Pazos saying that it is Tuesday 13th and the only way to overcome bad luck is to go to Nuevo Chique. I told her that barring black cats and ladders I would be there.
We had some good dancers between us, we are now getting known here. After three hours, though, we had a last tanda together and set off home on our faithful 151.
We jumped off a stop early again and went to La Riena our local pastelaria. We needed some bread, but were tempted by the cheese scones and the cheese straws.
I asked for un Quarto of each, I thought I misheard when she said “quatro y quatro” more confusion when she said “$19” The scones were $37 a quarter, so I asked again. She said “Si quatro y quatro” So I arrived home with four cheese straws and four scones. Viv said “next time ask for quarto kilo”. She is right, of course, but who is supposed to be the Spanish speaker here?

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