Easy Day

A trip to Easy was on the cards today. We got most things we were after, but I am afraid we did not get picture hooks. Here they use a sort of bent nail not the ingenious little hooks we have a home. As I have said before everything is different here, some things better, some worse. I am afraid the picture hooks goes into the worse category.
On the way back we stopped at the local Chinky supermarket and they cut us two nice slices of steak.. Only $40 bargain I say that is £2 at the blue rate.
I spent the day painting again and Viv tried polishing the furniture. Trouble was the furniture polish was so much water it just would not recover the shine.
So when I had finished the wall I popped across to the Chinky again and bought some hard wax. It was still only petroleum wax though, you would think that they did not have bees here.
Well that’s it, only the white left to paint, the curtains are up again, and my aircon cable is nicely clipped up. (They have the same cable clips that we have at home, but they size them differently).
Now about that steak, delicious.
Its Carole V W’s birthday so we are missing Fulgor tonight and are off to Porteño y Bailerin. No subte after six so we will walk as it is not that far.
The waitress in Porteño was the most surly we have ever come across, she was not happy with my miserable tip, and she was not happy that Carole had bought us Champagne. Most of all she was not happy that she had to keep coming to serve us, I think she should look for another career.
We are not used to these late milongas and were feeling the strain by the time they cut the cake. We made our excuses to Carole and just as we were about to leave all the characters arrived. There was Jorge, his brother Danny, Andres, and many others. We had to greet each one before we left.
So with champagne inside me we tottered off and caught a 26 collective home.



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2 responses to “Easy Day

  1. tangobob

    Sorry Chinky is an englishism we use it to mean Chinese. I am not sure if it is deemed offensive in these politically correct days but it is not meant that way. I am sure you have Chinese supermarkets, they are taking over Argentina. (Good thing too, somebody who is business like).

  2. jantango

    The milongueros viejos never arrive until midnight. It’s good you were still there at Porteno y Bailarin to say hello to your teacher Jorge Garcia and his famous brother El Flaco Dany. If you’d stayed around a bit longer, Jorge might have invited Viv for a tanda. I saw him a couple of weeks ago at La Nacional.

    What do you mean by “Chinky” market? I’ve lived here many years and never heard of them. Are they only in Almagro? ;))

    You’ll find the subte B line closed all day on Sunday and holidays, open only until 1pm on Saturday. There’s no word on when it returns to normal hours.

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