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El Arranque

Up early and at last a chance to get on with the decorating. First we had to visit the paint shop, always an adventure. We get the paint mixed for us and the price is always a surprise. They tell us how much it is, and then when we pay they deduct discount. So I thought I had the correct money only to find I did not.
We had a complaint from a neighbour about our balcony, it seems we are not allowed to paint it white. I wouldn’t mind so much but if she did not leave her aircon to overflow, my balcony would not have rusted and I could have saved my precious Hammerite for the jobs I had intended. Rant over and back to the painting.
I managed to paint the outside wall, it was almost all cutting in. There was the corners, the ceiling, the floor, the patio door and the kitchen units. Glad that is over.
Then off to El Aranque for the afternoon milonga. We like this one because we always do well at getting dances.
I had thought that the subte would now be running, as the notices are down and the south entrance to Medrano is again in use, but no, there is no subte Saturday. TIA
We decided to take the 168. I was not sure exactly where to get off, as I do not know the stops at the end of Alsina. I got to the door and pressed the bell, but unknown to me we were right by a stop so we had to jump off. I had expected the bus to travel a bit further before it stopped, so we had an extra three blocks to walk. Still it was better than the 25 blocks we would have had to walk.
El Arranque did not disappoint, both of us hardly sat down, and when it came to the Chacarera Viv had had enough. We only did one and then left to catch our faithful 151 home.

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