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We’re sorry Buenos Aires is closed, Please call again.

Viv desperately needed new shoes so we set off in hope. Unfortunately it was raining, and when it rains here, it means business. Still we had umbrellas ,and light waterproof’s. I had no suitable shoes though, so I just put on my lightest trainers. If (when) they got wet it would take less time for them to dry.
Nothing opens here until ten, then it all closes again at one. We stood outside the Abasto sheltering until it opened.
All the shoe shops were closed, a couple of them permanently, we could not even find Susana Atisinal. There was nothing for it but to head into town.
In Flabella they did not seem to want to give us any service, after ten minutes sitting waiting we left. Darcos gave us some cursory service but even they did not seem that interested. Only in Las Maria did we get any sort of service, they were half the price of Comm il Faut and they had decent straps, finally we managed to buy some shoes.
We returned and I carried on with the painting until it was time to go out again to a milonga. Tonight we took the 168 collectivo down to El Obalisco.
When we got there every one was outside. Seems the whole block had a power cut. Everyone was sat outside expectantly. After half an hour and nothing had happened people stared to drift off. Somebody said we should go to Lo de Celia, but that is on the same block, and so no doubt would also be in darkness.
Someone else suggested Plaza Bohemia, but after last time we decided against it.
In the end we came home, had a beer and watched a film about the Camino that a friend had emailed to us.


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