More Spanish lessons

A quiet morning so I decided to wash the venetian from the kitchen. You would not believe the amount of filth that has accumulated in 18 months, still that’s another job done.
Before we left I had a chat with Janis in Spanish, she talks nice and slow for me. My brain will not keep up otherwise.
Off to school again to do more verbs, por and para, and finally the gerund. At least the last bit was easy, just like English.
The subte home was chaos again. Not a good hour to travel, but at least it moves. We left the subte at Medrano and there was a lady lying in the middle of the road. I don’t know if she had collapsed or if she was run over, but it looked serious. She had a crowd around her and did not appear to be moving, not much we could do so we carried on.
We stopped at a confiteria, and got in trouble with the staff. Some places you need to take a ticket and wait for your number to be called and some you do not. Unfortunately this was one of those places where you do, and we hadn’t. Still we can get away with a lot, shrug shoulders and say “Soy extranjero” works for me.
We got some nice bread rolls and media lunas for breakfast and set off again. It’s amazing how long it can take to walk two blocks. We passed a fruitaria and Viv saw the peanuts. The boss man was hanging up pineapples and the misses was preparing fruit. A lad of about eight came to us chewing gum, I found it hard to hear what he said but I gathered he wanted to serve us. “Quarto kilo de mani” I asked. He continued chewing said something unintelligible and then went into the back.
We waited for some other service, but his mother had words with him and he came back, so I tried again “Quarto kilo de mani” he took the peanuts and went off to weigh them. His father meanwhile decided to interrogate me, “De donde son” “que Idioma hablas” Deciding he could not manage English he left to hang up more pineapples.
Mother meanwhile was admonishing her son, so he came over to ask if we wanted them with salt. “Si con sal” I said, then he came back and asked something else. I had no idea so I just said “250 gramos” that seemed to satisfy him.
It’s Thursday and that means Fulgor. The crowd was almost unbelievably thin tonight, maximum 15 people. We had a good time though, plenty of floor to stretch out on and some good vals meant I could really give it some.
Roberto came over and told everyone we had been coming since 2004, well never let the facts get in the way of a good story. He told everyone we were from Gales then asked wher in Gales. I guess he had no idea where Wrexham was and he could not pronounce it either. He asked the population when I told him cincuenta mil he said it must be a city.
The Spanish do not have a difference between a big town and city so I agreed. Then he asked me to draw the sorteo. Did ,say I had never heard of Fernet before Cordoba? Well I drew my own ticket and had the Fernet and coke again. I think it tastes like paint thinners but it is free and rude to refuse.

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