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Another Day at school

Viv wanted to go to Coto early before the crowds so we set off before we had breakfast.
It was quiet when we started, but I suspected that this would not last.
All we really wanted that we could only get there was Arborio Rice, but we had a huge list and may as well get it all in one place.
All went well until Viv saw the coffee “May as well get it now” she said as she took a jar off the top. The shelf had been stacked like a puzzle, the top jar was all that was holding it together. All I heard was “Oh no!” then crash. Viv stood there embarrassed, as coffee jars crashed to the floor. There was coffee everywhere, but the cleaning crew soon swept everything up.
The quiet time was over and the queues were growing. The place is full of people, you would think that they could put a couple more cashiers on the tills. Twenty minutes we queued, I was not a happy bunny.
The sun was out when we got back so we had our porridge on the balcony, then it was time to get ready for school again.
They had reorganised the classes, so it was a bit easier for me, and Viv had what amounted to a private lesson. Halfway through our class Viv was brought in to ask some questions. I think she did rather well.
When the class was over we had to catch the 39 collective on Santa fe. I was not going to be caught out this time (You think you can beat us, ha!) and crossed the road to catch the bus on the other side. Well we were going the right way, but just following Santa fe.
According to web site we should have turned off so that came up Honduras. I could see that this was not happening, so we got off the bus right by the subte station. This meant we had a 10 block walk to Salon Canning.
When we crossed Honduras (Only two blocks from Canning) we saw two 39s. Obviously another bus with two routes and the same number. No wonder visitors get confused.
Canning was a disaster, Viv only got four tandas and I was only saved by a group of Swedes who were sat close to me. Non of the locals would catch my eye.
I think it is time we gave canning a miss again.

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