Paying the bills

I am getting worried, things are going too well. I had to pay my rentas (City Tax) and my gas bill as well as my expenses, and I had no Argentine money left. Carole had given me a contact, but as usual I had trouble with the phone. It seems that you need a different number when you call from a land line, and I still do not know the system. Still I managed and set off down the subte for Florida. It was only one block from the Florida subte to the address I was given on Sarmiento. The security guy let me pass and I arrived at an armoured door with a camera. I rang the bell and gave my name, after they had checked me out I was allowed in to a cage, where they could check me again. I was told to sit and wait, eventually a man stuck his head around the corner and waved me into a booth, where a lady served me. It seemed like an age but probably only took ten minutes. Then it was back on the subte home. I got off at Carlos Gardel and walked along Corrientes. I was looking for a sign that said Pago Facil, but never saw one. On this four block walk you can enter the lottery every block but not pay a bill. Then I saw the post office with a sign “Pago tus facturas aqui”, well that will do for me. I went in and took a number, not knowing if I was doing right. When my number came up I asked the girl “Puedo pagar estas facturas?” “Si” she replied. That was it simple $2000 gone. I sorted out my expensas and took it to Sebastian’s flat and that was done. All the difficult stuff that I had been putting off sorted before mid day. Either I am getting the hang of this place or it is building up to a big disaster. Only time will tell. It has started raining again, we had the mother of all storms last night, but even with the continuing rain it has not washed the dog muck away. It held off for us to get to the subte, and again on our walk to Nuevo Chique. So the umbrellas were not needed. We met Pauline and Geoff at Chique and I sat by Geoff so we had a chat in between dances. When all the dancing was over it was back to our faithful 151 collective.



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2 responses to “Paying the bills

  1. tangobob

    Yes it makes sense to me to pay annually. Apart from the discount, I am not here every month to pay. I think I will stick to the Coreo to pay my bills, it is close and probably more trustworthy.

  2. jantango

    That was quite a storm that started with a big bang at 6:00 in the morning. The cat was at the window and practically flew across the bed when the thunder crashed. I couldn’t fall back to sleep for a long time and ended up making up for it my sleeping past noon. What a life!

    This is the first year I decided to pay my Rentas in monthly installments, not all at once for the year. If you dropped that much cash at once, you must have paid the annual bill to receive the 15% discount. There is an increase every year since Macri has been mayor and brought it in line with actual costs.

    Glad things worked out well for you on Avenida Florida exchanging money. I know a jewelry shop on Libertad where transactions are done in three minutes. It’s good to know the current blue rate online when you need to do an exchange.

    Pago Facil and Rapipago are everywhere for paying bills in cash. You can find their locations on the internet.

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