Busy sort of day

Well my day started with a message form Philippe to say he was coming to pick up his parcel. First though I had things to do, first stop was the fereteria, I had to make a proper job of the air conditioner electrics.
I walked in and asked “Tiene cable tres partes” he said “Si, 1mm or 1.5” I asked for 1mm but they only had that in black so I settled for 1.5mm. Then I asked for a plug, the one I got was brilliant, you could make the cable entry from any angle. Never seen anything quite so simple and clever. Well that went well 3m of 1.5 cable and a plug, sorted in ten minutes.
The aircon was finished and running again before Philippe arrived.
After some socialising we had to get ready, off to school for the first time in years. Then we had to recharge our SUBE cards. We left the subte and walked along Uruguay. We were shocked to see an IKEA store, but there was no furniture only fabrics.
I am afraid I got slightly lost, thinking I knew where it was, I crossed Santa Fe but in fact the school is a block before, and had to back track. Still we had plenty of time and were not rushed.
Whilst paying for the course I was told we would see a film today, I informed them that Viv was a total beginner and would not understand it. My protests were brushed aside, so I assumed they knew what they were doing.
We never saw the film, I was put in a small group of three and we started straight away on verbs.
After an hour and a half we had a break. I met Viv and she was not happy, she could understand nothing of what they said as all the others in her class were more advanced.
They have promised to start from scratch for her on Wednesday, I hope they do otherwise this is just a waste of time and money.
After the class we were off to Obalisco. I had checked and we needed to catch the 150 collective at Parana y Santa fe.
I told the driver Humberto primero and he never commented, but from the start I thought we were heading the wrong way. Sure enough we ended up at Retiro where we were told to leave the bus. Now there was nothing for it but to take the subte to Independencia and walk up from there.
We were hot and bothered when we arrived but we had changes of clothing so we were soon in milonga mode.
Viv did rather better this time, I only saw her miss three tandas. We stayed until after eight, but then I saw Gloria Garcia. (Her story is a long one, so for anyone who does not know I will tell again sometime) We had not danced together for eight years or more. She had danced one tanda already when I asked her, but she would not dance with me without changing her shoes. I thought that rather sweet.
Dancing with her brought back so many memories, it made my night.
We stopped off for hamburgers at a restaurant on Entre Rios. Weirdest meal I have had here, two hamburgers, topped with cheese, but no bun, and a plate of chips to share.
Can’t complain at less than £12 for the two with drinks.
Then it was back home in our faithful 151 collective.
PS I have just checked “Mapa Buenos Aires again” Santa fe is a two way street, I should have caught the 150 on the other side of the road, schoolboy error.



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2 responses to “Busy sort of day

  1. tangobob

    Viv always enjoys dancing but some of the local men are a bit rough. They tend to use brute force rather than leading. but it is hard to tell until you have danced with them.
    I don’t think the driver even listened to what I said, we were so close to the final stop that every fare was the minimum.

  2. jantango

    I donated all my Spanish language learning books to the Salvation Army last year. I’m sorry I didn’t consider donating them to the Finch library instead. I can’t imagine how the teacher ran the class for three hours without noticing that Viv didn’t participate. That’s why they charge for the course in advance, but you may not get what you paid for.

    Your experience with the bus driver is common. I’ve told the driver my destination only to discover later that the bus doesn’t stop at the intersection. They learn the route and the stops, but not the street names.

    There is a little French café called Bonjour Paris on Uruguay 1145 near the corner of Santa Fe. It must be close to your language school, and the 150 stop at Santa Fe 1531. I took a peek inside recently and started drooling over the pastries.

    The monument at the intersection of Corrientes and Nuevo de Julio is the obelisco. The milonga venue Obelisco Tango was named for it.

    Viv may have missed no more than three tandas at the milonga, but the question is did she enjoy dancing with the men?

    One of these days we’ll be at the same milonga, and we’ll dance.

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