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Don’t ask a foreigner for directions

A quiet day we stayed at home to do some cleaning and preparation for the painting to come. We did go out to the supermarket though, as we are out of food and not restocked after Cordoba.
We faced the usual queues, even though we used the rapid queue for 15 items or less we still queued for more than 15 minutes. Then they did not have change, it is a wonder they ever get anything done here.
We got a message from Pauline and Geoff that they were going to Ideal, unfortunately we always go to Fulgor on a Sunday, except in very exceptional circumstances.
Then Viv was suddenly ill, we don’t know if it was something she ate, but it looked doubtful we would get out at all. Thankfully she made a rapid and sudden recovery, so we set off again for Fulgor.
We met Bob and Elsa outside and we entered again to much kissing. Sometimes I wonder if they all completely mad here, us included. They played something about Feliz Año for the Cortina and everyone was clapping, so being as mad as them we joined in. They may be all crazy by they certainly lift our spirits.
I had decided to have an alcohol Marian had already opened a bottle of beer for me, how could I now refuse?
I had never heard of Fernet before Cordoba, tonight I won the sorteo and my prize was a Fernet and Coke. I was going to be staggering home.
Halfway along Humahuaca a delivery guy on a bike asked me for Cordoba y Pueyrradon. I first struggled with my right and left I pointed him in the direction of Cordoba and said it was left, pointing my right hand then said “Lo siento derecha”. Then I realised that as he was driving he could not go down Cordoba. I did not know the right words but I think he understood what I meant. I told him to go down Humahuaca until he came to Pueyrradon.
Later Viv said “can he go all the way down?” and I realised to my horror that the Abasto is in the way. At least I had told him where the two roads were he would have to find his own way. Serves him right for asking a foreigner.

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