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Last day in Cordoba


RIMG1400Roger called us in the morning, suggesting we go out for a last walk into town. There is a house there which is the oldest house in Cordoba and filled with items from the very earliest times here.
First though we had a chance to view Rogers Bandoneon. It is a beautiful instrument, that simply begs to be played. I am afraid it did not exactly sound like Troilo in my hands, but it is such a fine thing that even I could not make it sound bad.



DSCF0500When I could drag myself away we headed off to town.
Our arrival at the house was badly timed and we had only half an hour before closing, so we had to make the most of our viewing time.
The whole house was more or less original apart from the cabinets with what can only be described as museum pieces. Some of the revolvers and pistols were fascinating, though Viv preferred to look at the 18th century bedding.
The building itself was fascinating, but the amount of religious imagery was hard to believe. The beds were quite ornate, with very sparse soft furnishing. Viv was the only one to get into the main salon area, when she came out to call us to see it they locked it up, so we knew we had little time to see the rest of the house.
We decided to go to where we had had pizza the other night for lunch. After some confusion we found the place and sat waiting. Then we waited some more. Just as we thought we would walk away we finally got a waiter. I told him what we wanted but he just left us a menu.
When he came back, I told him again, but before I got to the drinks he said something I did not understand. Roger then told him we wanted beer and agua con gas. Roger has a better ear for the Cordoba dialect he told me the waiter said “gaseosa?” It can be hard enough to follow what they say without them trying to put words into my mouth.
Anyway we waited again, and we waited. Finally as he rushed past Roger shouted “Señor cervesa?”. “si” he said then left us to wait again.
By the time our beer came we were ready to just leave. Good job we are on holiday not lunch break.
Finally our pizza came and it was as good as last time. Or was it the longing that improved the flavour?
Finally satisfied we set off back to have a rest and prepare for the long journey back to Buenos Aires.
Looking forward to our prayers before supper on the bus. Next post Buenos Aires.

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First day of 2015

Viv was not for getting up today. Amazing what a bit of Champagne can do.
When eventually I coaxed her to have some porridge she left most of it.
Then Roger called and asked if we fancied going out for some lunch. We had only just had breakfast and were still stuffed with the food from Tito’s last night.
Roger explained that there was a village that was almost entirely Italian and they had the best pasta. Also it would take us an hour to get there so we should be OK by then.
It took us a while to get ourselves together so it all helped to give us time for some appetite.
We drove across some open Pampa and passed many shanty’s. Then on the autopista the police stopped us. It seems on new years day they were just bored and wanted to look at Mirta’s new Toyota. After some banter they sent us on our way.
We noticed that there was not much open anywhere along the route. When we finally got to the Italian village there was nothing, not even a kiosco open.
We stopped at a hotel that looked open, but the food was only for family. After some time we saw a load of cars parked by the road and in between them saw the sign “El Farol” and another that said “Abierto” bingo.
Trouble was this was not pasta but a parilla. We had come this far in search of food so here we were stopping.
Viv was still not hungry so she just had some chips with egg on the top. The three of us elected to have the parilla.
The first course was the steak, and once again I am impressed that nowhere in the world is there steak like Argentine Steak.
Then we had lomo, followed by black pudding, then sausage and finally ribs. all the time I was feeding Viv titbits. At first she was not that interested, but eventually she started to feel much better.
The guy doing the cooking spoke excellent English and we enjoyed a long Spanglish conversation.
I am afraid I failed on the ribs, it was just too much on our second day of meat fest.
After a rest we went to do some more exploring. Without a map it was easy to get lost and we never found what we were looking for. We looped around this side of the city and eventually got back to where we were more comfortable.
We found a small bar, but Viv’s desire for some medialunas was not going to be satisfied. “All the bakers are closed señor” so she had to be satisfied with toast. We had some very nice fresh orange though.

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