Kissing fest

Off to Cordoba tomorrow, so I am not sure if and when there will be more posts. The excitement is in the not knowing.
Janis was to pay us a visit today, and as a surprise she arrived with John Morton. After the grand tour of the flat we set off to La Continental for some pizza and salad.
There was some confusion over the salad. The waiter said we should have four ingredients, as there were four of us, fair enough. When he arrived with the plates he had just three, and he said something to Viv about salad. As luck would have it the salad arrived with a plate under the bowl so we still had four plates. I think that he assumed the salad was all for Viv. (Why then did he mention that there were four of us in relation to the salad?).
Any how it divided up well as did the pizza ( eight slices, two each).
We kept the table for far too long for what we ate, but passed the afternoon, putting right everything from the Argentine economy to the price of paint.
When it was finally time to go, the bus stop for the 168 was just across the road. So we said our goodbyes (John is leaving for England tomorrow) and as we did we saw two 168s pass the bus stop. I guess they were in for a bit of a wait.
Clu Fulgor is always a kissing fest and tonight was no exception. Well actually it was, it seemed there were more than usual people coming to kiss us tonight. I wondered if it had anything to do with it being the last before Christmas.
Well at eleven we found out. Normally at this time people have started to drift off. But then, glasses of champagne were issued to everyone, and then they all started wishing Feliz Año Nuevo, to each other and to us. Cue more kissing.
Of course, before we could go home, we had to kiss everyone again. This is becoming positively unhygienic.



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2 responses to “Kissing fest

  1. Irene

    Rob y Viv,,
    Feliz Navidad y Felices Fiestas.
    Besitos. : )
    Irene y Philip

  2. jantango

    I’m glad I brought John along so he could see the apartment and have a farewell lunch at the same time with us. He didn’t make it to the milonga on Sunday night, and that meant our farewell kiss was on the bus.

    The waiter surprised us with a bit of English words. He was being helpful by selling one more ingredient for an already expensive salad that was hardly enough for four. I eat that much salad myself without any difficulty. I usually have Napolitano pizza, but I certainly liked your favorite Bolognese (even if it isn’t on my vegan diet menu).

    I had to ask the question, do you read my blog? I know Viv doesn’t, but what is your excuse now that you’re retired with time on your hands? You could keep up on what’s happening in Buenos Aires while your not here.

    John and I had a few minutes to wait for the next 168 bus on Corrientes. It was definitely a shopping day around the Abasto and in El Once along Puerreydon. I arrived home at 5:00 as planned, John a bit later in San Telmo, with plenty of time to rest and prepare for the night at a milonga.

    Lo de Celia was full by the time I arrived too late for my regular table. A few of us had to wait at the door for seats until women left early. The last milonga before the holidays is always busy. Those who don’t attend all year come to give their warm regards to everyone for the holidays and a new year. Many leave for vacation. The customary “air kiss” is quite nice by touching right cheek to right cheek and puckering the lips without contact to the face. No wonder tango is danced cheek to cheek!

    Have a nice Christmas, birthday celebration, and New Year’s in Cordoba with Roger and Mirta. You’ll have time to use Roger’s computer for posts, I’m sure.

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