How to fix your Comme il Faut’s

Technically they are two years old, but most of that time they have been sat in a box here. They have been worn for less than a month. The shop on the corner did a good job of repairing the buckle, but the straps are too thin and finding the holes in a dark milonga is impossible. So the strap was now also failing. It looked terminal, so I started thinking outside of the box. Is there any way to replace the strap? I told Viv what I was thinking and we joined our heads together, what about a lace? I went back to the shoe repairers and used my new Spanish word, agujero. I asked her to make two holes in the shoe, either side of the heal cage. I cut off the straps and the buckles, threaded the lace through and voila better than new Comme Il Faut’s. An added advantage is, the only detail on these shoes was the white strap. Now we can change the shoes with just a different coloured lace. We have always enjoyed El Arranque but with the demise of the Monday we have not been this trip. So we thought we would give the early Saturday milonga a try. We set off expecting to just hop off the subte at Callao. Big mistake, the subte is shut at weekends for improvements. When we got there, I was not now ready with a bus route. I did think of taking the 168 down to Entre Rios and walking from there, but in the end we just walked all the way. It was OK but we struggled to get through the crowds at Pueyrredon y Corrientes, so after that we turned off Corrientes and walked down Sarmiento. That was much quieter. At El Arranque the waiter remembered me, he gave me a good seat and even remembered what I drink. She sat quietly at the far wall, no longer in the flush of youth with mad red hair, nobody seemed to want to dance with her. I remembered her from before and when DiSarli was played she was my choice. Easily the best dance of the afternoon, coming very close to the Biagi tanda that I did with her later. I have a couple of favourite ladies here, chosen purely on their dancing abilities. Viv said she had some wonderful dances, as well. Mark this as one of our new regular milongas. I am getting the hang of these collectivos now. Instead of turning right out of Bartolome Mitre we turned Left and headed for Rivadavia. Once there we could pick up our old faithful 151. Best of it is it is not yet full here so we got a seat all the way to our front door.


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  1. jantango

    Comme il faut shoes are selling for 1,500 pesos these days. Many women wear no other brand for tango. It’s great that you came up with another option after having the shoe repaired. Viv won’t need to find the tiny hole and now she has a pair of modified Comme il faut shoes.

    After walking the Camino de Santiago, it’s only a short stroll from the apartment in Almagro to El Arranque in San Nicolas.

    From your description of mad red hair, that sounds like a milonguera I know by the name of Betty. Her hair is long. She is a regular at El Arranque.

    It must feel great to get around the city without having to ask someone about a bus stop. The subte B line stops at 13 hs on Saturdays and is also out of service on Sundays and holidays.

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