Traditional Pollo Entero

We have a free day, well sort of. There is a consorcio meeting tonight, which gets in the way of any milongas. They always end up a shouting match that I just cannot follow so I have asked Philippe if he will come and help me out.
Mean while there are things to be done. We finally found a unit for inside our wardrobe. It has been in the shop years and needs cleaning and painting. Then we went to buy some towels, simple things take an age here especially when you don’t know where to shop. The towel shop had a discount on today and working that out took the assistants another ten minutes each time. Then the bags were not at the till so they had to go and fetch one for each customer. Good job we paid cash, no telling how long it would take otherwise.
Walking around in this heat and negotiating The Argentine way of shopping was having its toll. Time for some ice cream, pure pleasure on a day like this.
When Concorcio time came, of course, they started late. Only Three owners turned up and it became a screaming match despite the few numbers. It was all a bit pointless as there were not enough owners there to reach a decision.
Afterwards we took Philippe off for our traditional Pollo Entero. They have a new trick here, A remote control for the waiter. Dammed fine idea I thought.
We had a whole chicken, a bowl of salad and a mountain of chips. Not forgetting beer, I think we had a litre each by the end.
Afterwards we went for a walk and Philippe showed us Lo de Roberto which we knew of, but had never seen, and Sanata Bar of which we did not know. Both of these entertained tango singers although there were non on when we stuck our heads in.
We then showed him where Almagro tango club was, there was a live band on when we looked in, but not tango and we could see no space for dancing either.
It was still hot when we got back and the air conditioning was doing sterling work. I never thought I would take to this aircon business, but I do try not to make too big a difference between the outside temperature and inside, it just upsets when you venture out.


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  1. jantango

    I think all Consorcio meetings must be the same. Owners can’t be bothered to attend them. Those who do show up complain about how things are managed. Nothing gets accomplished. Technically, there needs to be a quorum to hold a meeting, but our administrator wants more money for their work and holds the meeting with three people and a few proxies in hand. Later we received the Minutes of the Meeting and abide by whatever decisions were made, including an increase in the monthly expenses. At least you had the opportunity to attend and meet your neighbors. It’s a challenge understanding everybody talking at the same time, but consider it a good experience for improving your language comprehension skills.

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