Canning time

We decided that as we are going to be so busy in the new year, then we had best get started on the bathroom now. There is not that much to do, clean, paint the ceiling, and paint the window frame. Trouble is I had to use the paint up while I still had the brush. Have you ever tried cleaning Hammerite out of a brush?
So I actually spent the day painting the balcony rails. They needed doing as the people upstairs are always letting their aircon overflow, and there is nothing quite as corrosive as distilled water.
Still that’s done now and the paint went further than I thought it would. Now though I have to sit without touching anything as I have Smoothrite all over my hands and non of my patent hand cleaner to get it off.
I took some scrubbing but most of the paint is off, so it is Canning time.
We tried going later to the early milonga last week and quite enjoyed it, so this week we thought we would try seperado.
I don’t think the waiter was listening when I said “seperado” because I followed him all around the room after Viv had sat down. It was only when he got back to the bar and realised I was still with him that he found me a seat.
We were not seated in the best spots, Viv was far out in the corner and I was looking at all the ladies backs.
I think we did OK though, I noticed Viv had a barren period, and I missed one or two tandas, but in general they seemed a friendly bunch. I think once we are known there we should be quite successful.



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2 responses to “Canning time

  1. tangobob

    In other milongas it has not been a problem, usually because Viv goes to change her shoes first, but, hey ho, we learn as we go.

    The only paint supplies I brought were a pack of rollers, now I know I can get them here, but they weigh next to nothing. I also brought Smoothrite paint, you cannot get that here and I have never found a better anti rust paint, so I stick with what I know. There is no way I was bringing 10 or 15 litres of vinyl silk in my case, I could not afford the access baggage.

    I need more work like a hole in the head, but who knows, if I get short I may do some moonlighting.

  2. jantango

    Couples who intend to sit separately at the milonga arrive separately. Otherwise, you are advertising the fact that you’re a couple when you enter the milonga. Next time, try paying for the entradas and allow Viv to enter alone. She will be seated with another woman. After a few minutes, you enter the milonga and the waiter will give you a table. The regulars have their reserved tables in the front rows for years, like I have mine at Lo de Celia. You get whatever is available when you arrive. When you arrive together, the waiter automatically assumes you will sit together. Couples who go together, dance together and no one bothers them all night.

    Salon Canning has mixed tables, that is, the tables are alternated between men and women. No separate seating sections.

    It sounds to me like you carried all your painting supplies from Wales. You know there are lots of paint stores in every neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Your local shop has Aguarras for cleaning paint brushes and dirty hands. If you feel energetic after finishing the bathroom, I have three doors and frames that need sprucing up in my apartment. I started weeks ago, and the project is at a standstill for some strange reason.

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