Marking territory

Another fine sunny day and so we set off to do some errands before the milonga. First job was to get rid of some old clothes, so we headed off towards the ferria Americana on Lavalle. Funny how the mid plays tricks, I thought it was behind the Abasto, but in fact it was a block past.
All my negotiating skills were wasted as Viv found a pair of Havianas outside. We ended up swapping the clothes for a pair of flip flops. Well it was OK in a way havianas are about £20 at home and these clothes had cost only about £10 in a charity shop.
When we got back, we saw we had been caught in a marketing ploy. Not Havianas, but Hawaianas. You have to laugh though.
Our foraging continued, although it is hard to stay focussed when I have to drag Viv out of every clothes and shoe shop. It’s like walking a dog on a street full of lamp posts.
We were hoping to find a couple of pieces for the flat, but we are quite specific and it was not happening today. There is a carpenter around the corner, I may well commission him to make me something later.
On our way down Palestini we came across a crowd of youngsters in various states of undress and covered with paint, obviously having a good time, but we had no idea why. I asked a guy in a shop we stopped at, apparently they had just graduated as doctors.
So we set out to buy a shoe cupboard and extra storage for the wardrobe and came back with a pair of imitation flip flops, some baby oil and face pads. Oh! and some food, which is important. Viv has marked her territory though (If she reads this dog analogy, she may well kill me).

Another evening at Nuevo Chique and we are both now getting more successful. Not many missed tandas for either of us, so we caught our 151 home very tired and hungry. We were not amused when it did nit stop at our apartment and we had to walk back from Cordoba.
Too late and too hungry we decided to visit Guarda la vieja again. Tonight though there was live music in the street and they were queuing outside. There was no chance of us waiting here, I would probably eat Viv before we got any food. So we walked back towards our apartment.
Now it is very unlike us to be in the right place at the right time, but our property purchase has hit the mark. This area is definitely on the up. There are now bars and restaurants all along the road, so we stopped at one on the next block.
We had empanadas and nachos with cheddar. You would expect melted cheddar on the nachos but TIA what we got was a bowl of melted cheese to dip into, a sort of nacho fondue. Plus of course a litre bottle of Quilmes stout for $50. ( I am not going to mention Gratto again honest).


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