Hablas castillano?

We (I) have been having quite a bit of trouble with my castillano since we have been here. I think the time away has not helped, but the speed with which they talk and the way they use the language are my biggest problems.
So we have decided to try and enrol in some classes. We were given some recommendations, but as is often the way they led to dead ends. Nothing is permanent here.
So we found a school, not too far away and I made a web enquiry. They said we could come and have a word on Monday morning, so on this sunny day we headed off down to Uruguay on the subte.
We arrived at the orange door and rang the buzzer. We got a tour of the school and a price list. It is one of those places that run residential intensive courses. Obviously we will not be staying with them, but there is a whole list of other activities we can take part in. OK it was expensive, but nowhere near as much as I thought it would be. so we are now enrolled for the beginning of January.

With the demise of Aranque on Mondays we are short of somewhere to go, so today we tried Obalisco. When we arrived there were more men than women, a highly unusual situation here. This is good for Viv as it meant she got plenty of dances. She does find that as the dance gets busier she is less successful, but all the old Aranque crowd were here so that helped considerably.
I danced with one lady who asked if this was my first time here, she was surprised when I told her we had danced in Aranque last year.`
The new parquet floor in Obalisco is considerably better than the old laminate, but it is not well laid and has a few ridges. Well I suppose you can’t have everything.
When we finally left it was back to our faithful collective 151.It is more or less empty at this end so we managed to get a seat as well.



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2 responses to “Hablas castillano?

  1. tangobob

    Thanks for all that Janis. The 151 actually stops at our apartment, it is like our private taxi service.

  2. jantango

    When we get together, I’ll be speaking in Castellano to you and Viv so you get some listening and speaking practice. I promise to speak slowly and distinctly so you get what I’m saying. I sympathize with your situation, but you’ve been away many months from Buenos Aires. Your ear has get used to the language once again. I basically listened for three years until it all started making sense for me. I didn’t take classes, but relied on the years of high school Spanish buried in memory to get me through. Using more Castellano and less English is the only way to go. You can immerse yourselves in the language these four months.

    I suspect that Juan Carlos La Falce closed Mondays at El Arranque for economic reasons. He was running three other days during the week, at least one of them with a business partner. He closed Tuesdays for a very brief time when he tried to get a Wednesday milonga going in Obelisco Tango, a half block from Lo de Celia. It didn’t happen, perhaps because Lo de Celia is so popular on Wednesday and his El Arranque crowd didn’t follow him. He then reopened Tuesdays for El Arranque at Nuevo Salon La Argentina on Bartolome Mitre and Callao. The Monday milonga at Obelisco Tango opens at 4:30, which suits the El Arranque dancers who prefer the earlier time frame.

    I found the floor at Obelisco Tango a great improvement over the laminated plastic that was originally installed in March 2013. The dance floor took a beating and was replaced in six months. If dancers don’t have a good floor, they don’t return. That wooded platform for La Gran Milonga on Avenida de Mayo was coming apart at the seams after only a few hours. I was glad it didn’t collapse while we were dancing.

    I know you have your favorite colectivos for getting around the city, but the new #90 running only a few months passes your apartment. How convenient is that? Is the #151 route that close?

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