Bailerines mas famosa

It was a nice sunny day again so we thought we would have our lunch out in Patio Almagro (See from last year)
Funny but it was all but deserted on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Just one couple with a child and poodle and a guy sitting playing guitar. It was all quite idyllic.
After a rest it is back to Sunday night at Fulgor.
Tonight we had a new greeting. The miserable old guy who used to try and stop us coming in is no longer here and there is a new, very pleasant lady on the door. She welcomed us with “Los Bailerines mas famosa en el mundo”. Well we have been “Princes of Wales” so why not “The most famous dancers in the world”?
Then begins the usual round of kissing and even a present for Viv. This place is unique, nowhere else do we get this treatment.
A word about the prices as well, two bottles of water and a litre of beer $90. That is $16 less than it cost me in Gratto for two small beers. Is it any wonder we keep coming back?
Roberto is still announcing between tracks, so now not only do we get the title of the orquesta, but also a welcome to Los Galeses.


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