Its about the dance in the woman, not the woman in the dance

Friday and we are back to Confiteria Ideal. I must say I was surprised to be downstairs, apparently there is a problem with the ventilation. The lady who was telling me about it was upset that they are just taking the money and letting the place fall down. Well TIA (see yesterday).
We did not get the best seats again, but I till managed to find a partner for most tandas. After about an hour Teresa arrived and I had my best dance so far. You see while most men look for the pretty young things, I am only after a good dance. Teresa is over eighty and still the best dance I get. There is simply no substitute for experience.
It was going to be an early night, so we stopped off for a beer at Gratto (Corrientes y Salguero). Big mistake $53 for 330 ml bottle. This is London prices. Even though this is the nearest and most convenient bar for us, I won’t make that mistake again.


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2 responses to “Its about the dance in the woman, not the woman in the dance

  1. tangobob

    Except that was not a big bottle Janis that was a 330ml for the same price I get a 1L bottle in the milongas.

  2. jantango

    If you consider that bottled water is 25 pesos, the cost for a big bottle of your favorite beer in a nice restaurant isn’t overpriced. You don’t have to return the empty bottle to a grocery store–the service is included.

    Taking into account the street value for Euros and dollars in Buenos Aires, everything is pretty cheap for everyone except Argentinos.

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