Good days despite the rain

My SUBE troubles have returned. I came to the subte and Viv passed through the gate, but when I tried to follow “Tarjeta no es valedero” A young student came to my rescue, when it would not work for him either he kindly used his card for me.
This left us with a problem, if my card does not work I cannot use the collectivos. On the way home the subte will be closed, so we will have to walk.
We had a good time at Nuevo chique and I did not give my card another thought, except I did tell John. John suggested I got a card for Viv. Then if my card failed again at least we would have one card to use.
We left Chique shortly after eight and Viv was hungry. Now it is about thirty blocks home so I said we should wait until at least Callao before we eat.
It was a fine evening to walk so we were in no hurry, we sauntered through the streets zig zagging until we reached Callao.
We found a nice place on the corner of Callao and Corrientes and we stopped there for some empanadas. Everything was going well, then Viv said “look out of the window” Outside was torrential rain and we still had twenty two blocks to walk without a jacket between us. Fortunately we did have umbrellas though.
The rain had eased by the time we left but it was still blowing and we struggled to keep the brolies up. We eased our way by counting down the blocks as we went. We arrived back in not too bad condition all things considered.
The following day we set off for SUBE central and behold my card worked. So last night we probably could have caught the collective, but then that, would not have been as interesting.
We found just the coat hooks we needed, and a battery for Viv’s watch. We sorted Viv’s SUBE card stopped at Bulnes and got a new sim for my phone, things were going too well. On the way back we found some super cheap peanuts and Avena the day just got better.
The only problem was when I went to charge my phone. They no longer sell the cards and I needed my number, which was back at the flat. Only a short walk and that was soon sorted as well.

The day had dragged on but we had been so successful. It was getting later and we still did not know if we were eating at friends or going to a milonga. We made an executive decision the only milonga we could now get to was Canning, so canning it is.
We had some food and managed to get out by eight. We would miss most of the milonga as it runs four until midnight, but three hours is usually enough for us.
Normally Canning is crowded and not a place where we sit separately so we asked for a table for two. It was much quieter than we are used to and although the floorcraft here is never the best, we still had some enjoyable dancing.
Even Mario Orlando (The DJ) recognised us and said hello.
Big problem though, Viv’s shoe broke. The buckle came off, the leather around it torn and will be of no further use. I thought the nights dancing was over, then I was inspired. I took the lace out of my outdoor shoes, and using my best sailor skills tied it in place. I would have to take it off to go home but the night was saved. Mario saw what was going on and lent us a couple of elastic bands as back up.
Our assessment of the night is that we enjoyed it a lot. Mario played excellent music and the crowd looked friendly. Next week we are going to try separado and see how we go.


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