Quiet day, great night.

We did very little outside of the flat today. I put a final coat of paint on the bedroom and Viv started on the curtains. So we just rested up ready for the night out.

Fulgor on a Thursday was quiet, whether it is because people need to work or because the music was not quite as good, I don’t know.

Sunday however is a whole different animal. Almost all the old crowd are here and they are determined to have a good time. Nobody poses or tries to take over the floor and there is an infectious happiness that grabs you as you enter.

As I have said before “Puro Tango this ain’t” half the night is dedicated to Cumbia, paso doble,  and merengue, but even when we are not dancing the shear joy of the place keeps me smiling.

Our chacarera seems much admired by the locals. They still seem surprised that we do it. We still have not mastered the Cumbia though, Viv is a bit too self conscious to just get up and gigygig.

It is a holiday tomorrow apparently, so the everyone is out on the streets when we walk home. For us though it means a lie in, no 7:30 rush hour traffic to wake us up, luxury.


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