Beyond price

A day at the British Ambassador’s residence was not really what I wanted, there was still too much to do here. In the end though, an enforced rest was what we needed. It was a Christmas fair, a chance to buy all the stuff we don’t need and we could have brought from home if we had wanted.
We did at last meet up with Janis and had a great reunion, but I think we disturbed all those who came for the Nativity. Then we joined in (well Janis and I did, Viv and John stayed silent) with the Carol singing. The solo singers were brilliant as were the choir.
A bit disappointed though, The Ambassador never came round with the Ferrero Rocher. I mentioned it to Janis, but an American who does not watch television, she was never going to understand.
We had to move on though, not only were we disturbing the other guests, but we had to get to the Milonga. Janis had asked a few people to join her and did not want to be late.
The Great Milonga was in the Street “5 mayo” which they had completely closed. A huge stage had been built for the orquesta and a dance floor in front of it, for the demos and we dancers. Then in front of this was a fenced off area with tables and chairs for those of us lucky enough to have reservations. (Thanks Janis again).
We were treated to demos by the dancers from Esquina Carlos Gardel, live music by several orquestas and excellent music by several DJ’s.
Later in the evening when I was dancing I saw an old man sitting at the back of the stage. At first I was not sure, he looked much older (as I suppose he was) but then I was sure. I said to Viv “That is Alberto Podesta sitting there” not like me to recognise faces from our past, but two tunes later they announced he would sing. He came on and sang Percal then did a duet with a younger tango singer. Being ninety years old he could not stand without a stick and someone had to adjust the mike for him, but everyone just stopped dancing and clapped and cheered for the great man. Truly, I felt privileged to have been there.
Janis really came up trumps here.Adolfo
I was sent this photo of Alberto Podesta by a friend, you can just make out the back of my head in the left hand corner.



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2 responses to “Beyond price

  1. tangobob

    Thank you again Janis, I heard them saying Gaucho and did not realise it was the name of the tune. He had a wonderful voice, hey complimented each other so well.

  2. jantango

    At least you and Viv got to hear a little from the Salvation Army Band that played during the Christmas Fair. I had heard them perform last year, and didn’t want to miss them. I was happy to see that you, Viv and John Morton joined in the caroling.
    John and I were still dancing on Avenida de Mayo past one o’clock in the morning. He can’t pass up a good tanda. I’d changed into my walking shoes by then. The music of The Gran Milonga went until two o’clock.
    The performance by tango legend Alberto Podesta was a delightful surprise and a thrill to witness. The duet was Nido Gaucho which he had recorded many years ago with Carlos Di Sarli. The tears in your eyes confirmed it was a tango moment for you — being on stage while a great singer performed.

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