You can never go back.

Normally on a Friday we head off to Ideal. Today though we were so busy that an early milonga was out of the question. So we trawled through and found one hat started at six but ran through until two. We should be able to fit in with that.
Plaza Bohemia used to run at Maipu 444 just of the subte in the centre of town. It was always one of our favourites, Run by Gloria Garcia who always welcomed us with open arms.
We thought it had gone for good with the closing of Maipy 444. Now it seems it has been running for some time with new organisation but the same DJ.
It is a convenient spot right on the 168 route and the 151 for our return. It is in the mechanics union building so I was surprised t the cost of the entrada, the dearest we have had yet. Still we were welcomed by the hostess and given our seats (separado).
The music has not changed, it is still excellent. The atmosphere however is not the same. Viv and I were up straight away which I took as a good sign. I soon found however that my position gave me little opportunity to practice a cabeceo. Viv meanwhile got no further dances after her initial start.
There were people we knew here, they just decided not to dance with us. Having the milonga advantage of being male I did quite well until about nine then the dancers just dried up.
Apart from me Viv managed just two dances, and one of those was someone she tries to avoid.
By ten we had had enough, then we asked for the drink bill. Again this was the most expensive yet.
Not a great experience then, just shows, you can never go back to old times.
I think we will stick to the places we know for a while, but as we are here some time, we will still try the odd new place.

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