Non of your Nuevo rubbish

I have missed a few posts due to internet problems, hopefully now I am back.
I never trust the infrastructure here, so sometimes that leads me astray. I have been unable to get on the internet for two days. I tried rebooting the modem several times. Then I thought maybe I should wait until it was quiet. Nothing seemed to work, I would be on my mail, then ” Page unavailable”. Word press would do nothing at all. Finally I defragmented my Registry and I am up again, so the problem was all mine, all along.
The first problem was my SUBE card. Dead as a Dodo. The woman in the subte had said that I could get it done at Tribunales, so Wednesday morning we set off there. No sign of an office here, and I could not remember exactly where it was last time. I asked at the ticket office “Callao 300” she said. So we set off back in the direction we had come.
At Callao and Corrientes there is a subte station but the address is 400 more or less. I thought it best to check it out first. It is quite a big underground affair, with lots of kiosks but no sign of SUBE.
So we set off down the street. At 300 was a bank with a security guard sitting in the doorway. I asked about the SUBE card, he said this is a business nothing to do with SUBE. “Thanks for your help”
I came out saw Viv waiting and shrugged my shoulders. “May as well Head back” I said. Well right next door to the bank was SUBE central. Nice of him to tell me. You wonder what makes some people tick, still I have my SUBE card back. The girl asked if I had been away. I said eighteen months, so that was why it was cancelled.
Next problem was the vacuum cleaner. We only had one spare bag and the rubber seal was gone. We tried in Easy while looking for decorating stuff. They had bags, just not the ones we wanted.
In the morning I tried the Fereteria, ” Do you have these?” ” NO”. So I tried the next one (there is a fereteria on almost every corner). “No, pero en Medrano” he said. “Gracias ” said I. So I walked the block to Medrano, trouble was, where on Medrano? I walked up and down then I saw the repair shop where Philippe had taken our toaster. She said yes they sell them but not today, try next week. Failed again.
Time for a shopping trip to Coto. Coto was where we had bought the cleaner, and anyway we needed some provisions from there. We struck lucky at last.
So it was back to the decorating, just maybe we will be able to unpack soon.
We went back to Fulgor last night, it was very quiet. Makes me worry. Still it is so nice to walk into a place and everyone greets you with a kiss. As we sat at the table I heard Marian shout “Bob!” from behind the bar. Cue more kisses.
After 11 Fulgor is taken over by a young crowd, this is all new to us. We expected it to finish at midnight, now it seems that Fulgor runs on until two. We have too much to do to stay out that late yet so we reluctantly leave early.
A point again for those at home; The young crowd arrived and took over but they still hold in close embrace and their music is the best we heard all night. Tango, good tango, non of your Nuevo rubbish.


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