Lentejas and Nuevo Chique

The Argentines have a problem. Well that is whenever they have a problem, instead of dealing with it they try to pass the blame. We noticed the garage doors in our block were starting to rot I just looked at them and thought “why have the owners not painted them?”. Now it seems that they are trying to sue the builders. Meanwhile my balcony is rusting, so I have brought Smoothrite to paint it with. So I will have pristine metalwork, while the rest of the building owners will have rust and the lawyers will have another bonus. It is no wonder this country is in a mess. It’s Tuesday so we are off to Nuevo Chique. On the way I try my SUBE card, surprise surprise it does not work. I asked the woman in the subte station if it was still at the office was still at Tribunales, whereupon she starts giving me directions. I needed to know if it would still be open, but she was intent on directing me. It was now ten to five so we decided my card would have to wait until tomorrow. The walk from Uruguay station to Nuevo Chique was a constant stream of dodging in and out of crowds. At one point we did not know if we were just in heavy traffic or if we had joined a queue for one of the shops. I am not sure if Marcela recognised us, and, unusually, she just told me to go sit on the right. This meant I could grab a front row seat for a change. I sat next to John Morton, so I also had some company. Viv meanwhile had been sat at the end in the middle of a group. She was not Happy. Unusually as the evening went on I noticed that all the women were dancing and there were men sitting out. I had three tandas on the run where I could not get a dance. (All the ladies say “welcome to my world”) Actually I am not complaining, I did do rather well. I danced with many French ladies and, of course, porteñas, but my best dance was with my Chilean friend. She commented again on my aftershave. So I told her I had bought a new bottle just for her. She knows that I am married so the flirting is only in fun, still it is nice to have someone who will just talk with me and give me a chance to practice my, still poor, castillano. By eight we had had enough, but then we had the sorteo and I could not dodge out past Marcela with the microphone. It was time to head for 1810 and some lentejas. It seems they are doing work on the B subte and that it is closed from eight, so it was just as well we needed the D line now. Nothing much has changed in 1810 apart from the prices. Every time I hear a price now I am in shock, I need to recalibrate my brain to the new exchange rate. The subte is now $5 it was $0.90 when we first came our bill last night came to $170, I used to think that $80 was an expensive evening. To put it in perspective though, even at official rates it is less than £15. As I said, “I just need to recalibrate”.


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