A quiet day

It is a sign of getting old I suppose, either that or the adrenalin kick of a new destination is no longer there. Arriving in Buenos Aires after twenty hours of travel, we no longer feel like going straight out.
The first thing we do is have a good sleep. Then we have a quick wander around the streets, to see what’s new and if any of our favourites have gone.
Patio Salguero is now finished and seems to be well used. I will talk more of this place later when we go and spend some time there. All our regular local stops seem to have survived and, as usual, a few new buildings have appeared.
So we bought a few provisions, sent messages to our friends to let them know we are here, then skulked back, to rest some more.
There is a favourite stop of ours Guarda La Vieja. It is on Guardia Vieja. See what they did there? Mind the old lady on The Old Guard Street, but it doesn’t quite work in English.
We sat outside in the evening warmth, with the biggest bowl of salad you have ever seen, some empanadas and a bottle of black beer.
No tango yet, pero estoy contenido. Tomorrow we tango but tonight it is an early night.

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