That all went rather well

Don’t assume too much from the title, this is still not a journey to trifle with. That said we did not have a single hiccup. The check in was faultless and quick, which left us time to mooch in Manchester Airport.
The trip over to Amsterdam was over in a flash and we then had some time to kill in our favourite airport, Schipol. It seems everywhere we go these days they are doing alterations. Our favourite bar (with the coffee met apeltart) is behind some wooden screens, and I presume is not actually there anymore. The Grand piano suffered a similar fate, so I never got to tinkle the ivories. Ah well! more time for shopping.
I managed to get some peanut butter for Viv and some new slippers for home. The follow on journey though was long and boring, I doubt I managed more than a few minutes sleep and the films were not the best.
I watched “Lucy” I don’t want to give the game away (oh all right then) basically it ends just like “Lawnmower Man”. There now you have it, but the action scenes were quite exciting. “The Muppets most Wanted” was also a bit of a disappointment, at least I enjoyed “Sex Tape”. The critics had slated it, but I had a lot of good laughs at their antics. I guess that there were a lot of home truths for men of a certain age.
There are still too many queues in Ezeza but they now seem to dissipate a bit more quickly.
The Airport Taxi is now $450AR another shock, and we forgot that as we had got through the airports so quickly on Sunday, Monday morning traffic was another matter.
We were in our apartment by 9:30 and in bed not long after. In for a long sleep, as I said “Not a journey to trifle with”.


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