What a send off

Well as our trip to Buenos Aires fast approaches, we held our final practica of the year. I don’t know if they are trying to tell me something, but it was the best yet.
They came for far and wide and we had a great atmosphere. As usual though there was more eating and conversation than Tango, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Last dance of the year at Casa Gresford, was really something special, thanks to all who came.
Everything that can be sold is now gone, and today anything of value goes into safe storage so that we can leave the place without too much worry. The heating is set, just have to pack my bags.
Firstly though, there is the small matter of DJing in Shrewsbury this Friday. I will be wearing my Christmas jumper, as I will have no use for that in the southern hemisphere. So if you want to hear my music for a last time, see me looking daft, or just say goodbye, we will be at Morris Hall this Friday evening.
After that it is goodbye cold UK and off to sunny climes.
Watch out for the Buenos Aires posts. Coming soon to a computer near you.



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3 responses to “What a send off

  1. Arlene

    Have a great time and enjoy the warm weather!

  2. tangobob

    Unfortunately Yes. Watch out for the Ruby wedding Milonga on May 2nd

  3. Michel

    i hope you are coming back!

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