No longer frustrated

It seems that there is not a lot of time for blogging these days. You would think retirement would give me more time to write, but that is not the case.
It does, however give me more time for Tango. We now have a beginners course up and running at The Gwersyllt resource centre on a Tuesday evening. The Monday Practicas are now on their longest unbroken run. Unfortunately they will have to stop for the winter, as we will be in Buenos Aires enjoying some summer heat in our winter.
Been getting some DJing in as well. It is always nice to be asked, even nicer when it pays, although I do it for the pleasure and gladly do it for nothing when it is a charity do.
We also have two milongas coming up in Pulford, first Saturdays in October and November. Everyone is welcome, of course, including a few non tango dancers who want to come just for the craic and to listen to the music.
Then we are attending many more local events, including the whole weekend with tango Stafford.
So if you are in our area, or you see us round and about, call in or just say hello, we really are a friendly lot.
Tango Gresford goes from strength to strength, our practicas are the most friendly place to tango you can find. The classes are warm and welcoming (in a fantastic venue) and I guess that all this means; Tango Bob is no longer frustrated.



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3 responses to “No longer frustrated

  1. It’s really lovely to hear about all the tango going on. I’ve been feeling a bit isolated from tango since moving to Wales — perhaps I can make it to one of the upcoming milongas in Pulford! 🙂

  2. tangobob

    Still a milonguero though, and looking forward to seeing you in December.

  3. jantango

    I’m happy to hear that the “frustrated milonguero from Gresford” is no longer frustrated.

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