Cee to Finisterre
It is always difficult making sure everything is well packed and ready to go. That was why I so hated albergues, because usually we had to do it in the dark. This morning the lights fused, so we were back to packing in the dark. Fortunately we did not have too far to go so we were not in such a hurry to leave. We left the bags in the room and went down for breakfast. By the time we left at 7:30 it was getting quite light.
We had already explored Corcubion so we knew the way out. We decided to walk on the other side of the road and then noticed an arrow we had not seen before. We followed what turned out to be a medeval route out. This gave us a whole new perspective on the place, showing us things we had not yet seen.
We passed the church of Saint Martin, but then the arrows dried up. A guy in his front garden pointed us in the right direction. Further round the block an old woman stood on her doorstep pointing. A can of yellow paint would put all these locals out of a job.
The arrows got better though, and they sent us up a narrow alleyway that took us up behind the houses. Then we were climbing again, up through woodlands ever higher.
When we thought we should be coming to the next village, we saw a sign that said Cee. For a while there we worried we had come in a circle, but that was not possible. It looks like Cee just circles Corcubion and soon we arrived at Estorde.
Again it looked like there was little here, but we rounded the bend and there was beautiful beach with a hotel on it. We stopped for a zumo and paid a premium for a beach view.
As we left, I am sure that alsation was following us again. He had followed us all around Cee, I have no idea how he found us there after we were lost for so long. I swear that dog will turn up in Gesford one day.
We followed the road for a while and then came across another beach with a long footpath running behind it. We stopped for an orange and some water, before carrying on again.
We were still early as we entered Finisterre and were surprised to find the first Hostel full. We passed an albergue and there sat in the window were the German gang we had met in Hospital, who had followed us down to Cee.
We found a Hotel that looked ok and they had plenty of rooms. I was again surprised that they gave us the key straight away. Usually we have to wait until one o’clock or at least mid day.
We had a coffee dropped all our gear in the room and set off for Cape Finisterre. I had trouble stopping Viv going in the supermarkets, but there would be time when we came back.
We took a detour on the way up through some rough ground, but when you have come this far nothing daunts you.
Well we finally reached the end of the earth, you can go no further west in Europe without getting wet.
Cape Finisterre was a dissapointment. We got a final stamp, but otherwise it was like John O’Groats, just a big souvenier shop. There was a coach from Bogna Regis, if you think I am grumpy, you should have met the first man off the bus. “Are you on the bus?” I asked, all I got in return was a very sour “No thank you” Not put off I tried again and we met a very nice group who took our photos for us. About time we had some of the two of us together.
2.5e to go round the lighthouse, but you could not go up to the light. We did not see the point, so declined.
We climbed up the rocks and took some photos. The view from here was amazing, we could see the storm lashed rocks below us, seaguls were flying over our heads and a lone fishing boat sailed across the sound. We met a canadian lady called Margaret and an Austrian guy called Cyril. Cyril had done the Portugese route to test himself. he said he was a tour guide and had got some good ideas from Spain. One good idea he should definitely ignore is to put an attraction at the top of a hill, encourage walkers, then sell nothing but concrete shells and fragile boats. We would have loved to stay longer but were in serious need of sustenance and you cannot eat flags and pin badges.
It is surprising how fast you can get down a hill when you are hungry and soon we were in the town itself. There was a market, but that was all closing up. We found a supermarket that closed ten minutes ago. I did not care, the door was open so we walked in anyway. We managed to get some biscuits and yogurt, but being a supermarket they did not supply spoons and ours were back at the hotel. So we had a treck back and ate them in the room.
It was time to try and find our way out of here. We had intended to walk to Muxia, but realised that Finisterre was an end, we have done enough, and so this was going to be where we finally stop walking.
We found the travel agents for pilgrims, and wouldn’t you know it? this is Spain. Five past two and it is shut for siesta. Only thing to do is go for another beer. Before we went we asked in the shop next door what time it would be open “five or six” was the answer, how the hell can they run a business like this?
We had our beer, then went somewhere else. Viv liked the look of the menue here. It was now five so we checked the travel agents first. Of course it was shut.
We went back for the menue. We both started with salad, Viv had pasta, and I had an olympic sized pizza. We were stuffed when we had finished, but you have to have the ice cream, don’t you?
Now full to bursting we went back to the travel agents, still closed. We walked over to the bus stop and asked a big guy where he got his ticket “On the bus” he said. He also showed us the timetable.
So tomorrow we will have breakfast in the Hotel. Then at 11:10 we will catch the bus to A Corona and the travel agent will get no commision out of me.
Now we are having more Galician rain, that will put paid to the festivities. Looks like another early night.


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  1. Philip & Brenda

    was I too soon with the congratulations ? I thought Santiago de Compostela was the end. Cabo de Finisterre must be, as you say, your feet will get wet gong any further. What you have both done has probably not fully sunk in yet. It has been a test of endurance for both of you, I sincerely hope it has also been a huge sense of enjoyment and, achievment. See you both when you return. Adios.
    Phil & Brenda

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