Day 40 35th day walking

Well, the German guy was half right “your boots vil not be dry” but you see, it did not bother us, our feet were cool for some time to come.
We got some coffee in the bar before we left, and the girl asked us for the keys, but we had got into a habit now and they were in the room door. No way we were going back to the fourth floor again, and she was not that bothered anyway.
We set off down the street and already one pilgrim was into the camino way. He meandered down the street oblivious to the 4 X 4 behind him, belonging to the Guarda Civil. They openend the window and shouted at him, but he seemed not to understand or to know who they were. Viv said he could end up in a Spanish prison, I said he would be in good company as Martin Sheen also spent a night in Gaol in that film.
We passed Hanni and Peter again, we only got a grunt off Hanni but Peter said “Not Jo’ reggelt” (so much for my Hungarian, good morning) and pointed to Hanni’s swollen face. I asked if they had any medicine but he said that the farmacia was closed. I hung back while Viv walked ahead with them and found some Ibuprofen in my bag. I only had four left but I was sure it would help.
Once she had the pills we left them behind, I did not want to stand over them while she took them.
About this time we noticed a line from John Lennon’s Imagine written on a bin. As I quoted the next line, we found that it was written on the next bin. For the next few kilometers it was spot the song line with Viv testing me to see if I knew the next line.
It finished with the line “and the world could live as one, Thank you, John Lennon”
We noticed here that many of the trees are eucalyptus. We had seen a program about the use of eucalyptus trees for paper in Portugal and assumed that they were doing similar here.
We stopped for some lunch at a place called Santa Irene, just a bocadillo to share , but it filled the gap. When in came the Hairy Bikers, at least thats what we named them. The first west country accents we have heard for months. We exchanged stories of motorcycle journeys across Spain and they gave us some tips for Finisterre.
Peter came in while we were there and thanked me in a sort of hungarian english for the pills. I was just glad they were of help.
According to the map on the wall it was only 4K now to our stop, so we could take our time. The thing was, to my estimate, we had walked four when we came across a village. There at the first building was a place to reserve your stay in Santiago, so we thought “why not?”.
Inside, the guy was very helpful, we have a stay at only 37e a night, a bathroom and a citymap. He told us that the centre of Arca was 1.5K further on, so much for Spanish measurements. The best thing for us though was that after the stress of yesterday we had our accomodation arranged in Santiago. Three days when we would not have the race for a bed, not have to get up at six and not have to rush to the next town.
Anyone remember Butlins in the 70s? well they moved the chalets here and we have one for the night. Actually it is a little better, but if you imagine the size, you will get the idea.
Now, while Viv does the washing I am updating my blog and ordering the beer.
After a short exploration it is time to relax in the garden, you know? it’s just like being on holiday.


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  1. Lyn Oates

    Hope you have hung up your boots for a few days now? bestest to you both lyn x

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