Day38 33rd day walking

Did I say “I thought they got it here”? well I was wrong. At seven in the morning not a single bar or restaurant was open and it’s 7.5K to our first stop.
The way through the town turned back on itself and then went over a bridge. This caused me some confusion as it looked like we were going the wrong way. Only later did I see that there is an inlet off the lake, so small that the yellow path on the map obscures it.
Once we had got as low as we could get there was nothing for it but to climb again. Up and up through woodlands that had, apparently, served as a brothel in the twelth century.
When I am cannonised I will use my first name, Saint Francis, because we rescued a bird at the first clearing. Somehow it had got itself tangled in the grass. I tried to use my sticks but in the end I had to free it with my hands. I hope it was not too traumatised.
Now, many will know I am an unbeliever, but I am prepared to accept that many do believe. Believe in God, belive that Christ died for us, believe that the bones of St James lie at Santiago. There are even those who believe that the Compostella will mean that whatever your sins you still get to heaven. However, there is a new one I simply cannot accept; that is, an almighty God will not notice that you cheated to get your Compostella.
We saw today people in cars stop one side of a village, walk through the village and get their stamp, to be picked up the other side. I don’t know who they think they are kidding, believer or not they will not cheat God.
If you want your Compostella you must do this last 100K, personally I would not recommend it. It is 7.5K to Gonzar, the numbers increase by the yard. There is nowhere to eat or drink until you get there and when we were in sight I could see a train of people pouring into the bar. Fortunately I have a strong survival instinct and while everyone was milling and deciding what to do Viv grabbed a table and I got to the counter.
Hanni and Peter who arrived slightly later had less luck and left without food or drink.
We were now in a refugee train and ignored the next two bars. What we really wanted was a shop to buy some provisions so that we could have a picnic away from the madding crowd. This was not about to happen.
At Hospital Alta de Cruz we saw a bar that was not well advertised. We sat there alone while we had our morning zumo.
We stopped again at Ligonde but only had a biscuit, giant bocadillos just would not cut it today. We stopped and sat on a wall in the height of the heat but all we had was water and some nuts.
Lestedo was a wierd place, at what looked like a hippy commune they were offering “free hugs” they also had a blackboard to write on where you were from. The girl there took everyones picture. Just down the road was an old farmer who wanted to talk to everyone, Viv was quite taken with his cow. He said she could have a job looking after it. “Very nice, tastes good” he said. There is no room for sentiment with farmers.
The last 5K of the day seemed endless and when we arrived at Palas de Rei we wondered what we had come to. It looked like a prisoner of war camp, very neat and clean but we half expected the guards to corral us at any moment.
Fortunately, after about 50m (and just behind another tour bus) there was a sign showing the layout. We had not reached the town but still had some way to go.
We were accosted by a guy trying to get us to his albergue, we just took the flyer.
Once into town there was, as always, a plethora of hostels and we seized upon one.
Habitacion doble? Si con bano? Cama matramonial? 35e. That will do for me.
We wondered where she was taking us as we went around the block, but I suppose it made sense. If you have a hostel off the camino, advertise it and market it right there and once you have your customers hooked then you can show them the room.
Well it is small, but the shower works, plenty of hot water and we have a little terraza, as they called it. Actually, it is a boxed-in balcony, but perfect to sit and blog.
I finally got my big bowl of spaghetti, unfortunately Vivs carbonara was not drained so she was not happy.
We found a confiteria and had coffee and a chocolate cake thing that I am not really sure what it was,but we ate it anyway.


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  1. jantango

    Have you and Viv lost weight with all the walking and light meals?

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