Day 18 14th day walking

Day 18 14th day walking
Oh! the luxury of a private room. We did not get up until seven, we felt quite decadent. The dining room was crowded out, we thought it a good decision to forego breakfast.
We were soon off on the road again. It all ssemed to be tarmac today, so we were off making good time, when who should we come across on the road but John and Vanessa.
It was only 2Ks to Atapuerca, so breakfast should not be long. As so often happens though, the village was deserted so we had to travel on. From here it was climbing again and rough ground as well. My knee was already starting to twinge but Vanessa was having real problems.
It was 5.5Ks to Cardenuela via Villaval. Stopping at Villaval would have meant turning back on ourselves, so we carried on. There was good eating in Cardenuela and I had my first Spanish empanada. It was absolutely nothing like the empanadas we had come to love in Argentina. It was more a pie cut into sections. Still, I enjoyed my empanada tuna breakfast.
I got out my medical kit and gave Vanessa some ibuprofen cream for her leg, it seemed to help her and the hobble was definitely reduced on the road to Orbaneja.
Addicts that we are we had to stop for more coffee, while John and Vanessa carried on. They intended to get a bus from Villafria, to avoid the urban sprawl that is the approach to Burgos.
We just enjoyed the rare sunshine for a while, the coffee and the company of the old brown dog. We had to move on though, and soon we arrived at a whole new landscape.
We crossed over the highway and in front was a huge airfield. There is a path to the left that avoids the urban sprawl, but we never saw it. The airfield seemed to go for miles before we came to more road junctions and the nightmare scene of Villafria station. Acres of railway sidings, goods trains, anf everything covered with that coarse gravel common to railways the world over.
The road into Burgos was long and dreary. The main highlight was watching them resurface it. Viv hated the smell of the hot bitumin, but we were fascinated watching them making arrows on the road. Surely they should not be white, on the Camino all the arrows are yellow.
We made two stops on the way in to help ease the boredom, a supermarket for some provisions, and there was a church with some grass where we lay and ate some fruit and almond slices.
We had a mad rush around the city, as we had been told that the tourist office closed in ten minutes. Someone pointed us into the cathedral where we bumped into a German guy we keep meeting on the road. How he keeps so clean on this dusty trail I have no idea.
We both got directions from the cathedral, but I beat him to the tourist office. We got our city map and one for the German, but when we met him it seems that was not what he wanted.
Now our job was to find a hotel for the night. The first looked very nice but would be full the second night. The next pension we tried we received no answer. Finally we hit the jackpot, double room with a sink, three bathrooms, admittedly not private but only 27e a night. Best of all, it looks like we are the only ones here.
We headed down to Plaza Mayor, Viv wanted to buy a book, while she was there I bought myself a Dicionario Ingles. Viv wondered why I would want an English dictionary I needed a Spanish dictionary and so that is what I have, only the English at the front and Spanish at the back.
We had arranged to meet John and Vanessa here later but bumped into them now, so we decided to go for some food.
We spent a pleasant couple of hours here and it is surprising how many pilgrims pass your way when you just sit.
We are having another rest day tomorrow, so we get two nights in a private room, this is our small bit of luxury.


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