Day 15 11th day walking

Day 15 11th day walking

Well that was some night. All the bodily functions and the snoring I can put up with, but why do people insist on carrying their Camino into the dormitory? I think some walked the entire distance during the night. My bed was like the platform at Piccadilly, then the early starters got up, at around four.
When the lights went on at six fifteen it was almost a relief.
Not many had bothered to reconoiter the night before, this meant that after we had been hugged and wished Buen Camino, we set off in the oposite direction to everyone else.
I guess when the others passed us later on, they must have wondered how we had managed to steel such a march on them.
There was no cafe outside the alburgue today, although I suppose we could have gone back into town, I thought it better to get down the road.
This early in the morning it is very quiet with no wind to speak of yet. Viv was getting irritated, no coffee syndrome. As we crested a hill I could see the top of a church, it would not be long now to Azofra. Soon enough we were there drinking coffee, juice and our morning Croissant.
We left the town to more dusty roads, then we were in Teletuby country. Rolling green hills as far as the eye could see.
We climbed up to Cirinuela and it was golfing hell. There was a line of driving ranges and people were coming out from there on their golf trolleys to get to their cars. We had all walked 15 Ks and these golfers could not walk 15 metres.
We walked through acres of new houses, one of which attracted Viv. It was sort of “little house on the Prairie”, not at all Spanish. For me though, nothing could bring me to Pueblo de Golf.
We followed the rolling countryside down into Santo Domingo de Calzada, where everyone suddenly seemed to speed up. “Last one to the alburgue sleeps on the floor” I was not convinced that a 1K spurt could make up for 20Ks of walking.
Now old hands, we passed by the first alburgue and stopped at the second. From outside you could not make out much of what it was like but we asked how many beds to a room, only 16. So we gave it a go.
Glad we did, they have WiFi, a lounge, kitchen, all the facilities you could want.
Now we have to go out and see a cock. Not sure I want to pay just to see a cock but Viv is a sucker for a big cock.
It was 4e to see the Cathedral and tower, even with our pilgrim discount, and Viv made me pay the extra euro for the audio guide. The audio guide was a waste, you had to press the number each time you passed. I think we only found five of them and quickly got bored of being told about nobles and painters of whom we had never heard before.
There were, in fact, two cocks in the Cathedral, both white and strutting around in a glass cage. Though, where they were positioned, it was hard to see them.
The trip up the tower was fun though, after all the walking and climbing it was just what we needed, more climbing. As we headed to the tower Viv insisted that I had the tickets, well because they were green, I could not see the relevance myself. They were actually in her pocket though.
The workings of the clock were interesting, but I was worried that the bells would ring while we were up there. I did my best Quasimodo impersonation, but never got my picture with the bells.
I did get my picture as a pilgrim with the cock though.
After some exploring we found the main square and treated ourselves to Paella and ice cream to follow. Of course we did imbibe a bit of beer, just for medicinal purposes.
We ended the evening watching washing drying in a laundrette. Oh we do live an exciting life.


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