Day 11 8th day walking

What can I say? breakfast was a bit German, coffee and dark bread. We left the albergue a bit hungry. As we walked out we were joined by Vanessa and John from Austrailia. They had the good sense not to order breakfast.
Once we left the town it was a fairly common sort of track, the overnight rain had brought the snails out in force but otherwise there was not a lot to see.
The first place we found any refreshment was Sansol 7Ks on. That was just another Alberge and all we got were magdelenas. Still, the juice was good.
The road was somewhat easier today and we were helped along by the company.
We did pass some rather nice olive groves and I was amazed at the amount of buds that would become olives, far more than mine at home.
My ankle, which had seemed ok at first, started playing me up after Sansol but I just had to keep it moving.
At one point we crossed a road and my phone started talking to me again, I checked and it had 16 apps open. I shut them all down, crossed the road and climbed a hill. At the top of the hill it started talking again. Battery down to 35% and 8 apps open. It is no longer worth the effort for the usefulness it provided. So I turned it off, from now on we will not know how far we have come until we arrive somewhere and Facebook will not get my daily mileage reports. When I get home Orange can stuff it where the monkey shoves his nuts.
We did debate whether to carry on to Logrono, but my feet are now extremely sore, so a short day is in order for tomorrow, then a rest day in Logrono.
We stopped at a bar when we entered Viana, beer was now essential. Also the lack of food meant that a porcion of tortilla was also on the menu.
We taught Vanessa about Cidra, but this bar did not have it. They also did not have WiFi. The conversation went something like this; “tienes la clave por el internet?” “Patatas con ajo?” “no no el internet” “alioli?” Then someone came to the rescue “wee fee” The Woman at the bar just said “no tiene” so that was it. Everyone in the bar seemed to enjoy my predicament though.
We found an albergue just across the road, it was offering various accomodation choices at various prices, it looked good so we went in.
John and Vanessa were already inside, but we were stuck. The lady at reception was having trouble with a French lady who spoke no spanish. I used me (very limited) French to try and help. She could not understand why she was being charged 33e when the prices ranged from only 8e. She had booked ahead for a bed in a room for two. We managed to get her into a dormitory after much hand waving and stress for the poor receptionista.
Vanessa treated us to a sandwich, we only accepted to save John the job of carrying the bread for another day.
We set off to explore, but I was not enjoying the walking. Just into the town we came across a walking shop. Obviously at a strategic point on the Camino. We bought a couple of buffs. I am particularly proud of mine, a blue camino buff with yellow arrows. And a Leki pole for Viv, a good deal more expensive than the Karrimore ones, but it means I can have a pair now for the rest of the way.
We met Jerry again in the square, he says it is only halfway through the day so he intends to carry on. But for us it is cidre time, as we sat drinking in the square Mary appeared again. She has finally managed to send some of her stuff home. She has done well to get this far with such a load, I hope she managed to lose some weight so she can move ahead more easily.
On the way back we managed to get completely lost. I asked a lady the way and she sent me down two sets of stairs, at the bottom of the second set we were back at the bar with no WiFi. Time for a rest before we go in search of food.
We re-entered the town and passed a bar “menu del dia 11e”, it said 7, Viv was insistant that this was the start time, I was taking no chances and asked inside. She was, of course, right, but there was no point taking chances. It was still 5:30 so we continued our wander. Then we saw another for 9e, Viv said don’t always go for the cheapest. I said we go for the earliest. The alley down to the bar was blocked by a van and guy on a ladder drilling, things did not look good.
As we aproached the bar someone came behind us fingers to his lips in the classic tasty gesture. ” a que hora empezar el menu?” I asked. “ahora a la siez” he replied, almost coraling us into an empty bar. Viv felt trapped, but we went in anyway.
We had a choice, spaghetti, paella or salad. For main meatballs or fish and chips or chicken. Well we had had enough of chicken pilgrim menu, so while viv had the spaghetti I started with the paella. We both had the meatballs and for once we were filled.
I had a full bottle of rioja and there was water for Viv. While we were there Mary arrived to entertain us. Soon the place was filled as a German group arrived, then another couple. Another large group who would have to wait untill the germans had left, and two dutch ladies who sat with Mary.
Then the fun started. The dutch ladies had no bread and Mary asked the girl behind the bar, she misunderstood and said they would have to pay. They also had no wine so Mary decided to sort things out. Mary spoke no spanish and the guy helping spoke no english. Time for Bob to step in. I thought I had it sorted but he brought them more bread. I had a quarter full bottle of wine which I donated to their table, but Viv thought that I should only have had half the bottle.
We asked for the bill and left, if they were worried about my wine, they never made me pay.
We stopped off at the first bar we had come to for a night cap, I was determined Viv would sleep tonight. They had a bull fight on the TV. I was curious to see the whole event, thinking that the bull always loses. In this one the poor bull may have lost in the end, but he made sure that the matador knew he had been in a fight. There was as much human blood in the dust as bovine. I still think it was an unfair fight, but I have to give full marks to the bull tonight.


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