Day 9 6th day walking

Nice waking up in a private room, the buffet last night had left me stuffed. Unfortunately the breakfasts here are always a dissapointment.
The good news is that today there are no hills (according to the book).
The bad news is that the book, yet again, is wrong. Less than a kilometer out and we were climbing, then going down. Soon enough we were seriously climbing.
In 5 Ks we would be able to stop for coffee. Once again the book failed us, just some vending machines. Coca Cola is not what I want. Never mind, only another 3Ks to Cirauqui. No coffee here either, there was a panaderia where we managed an icecream.
Another 6Ks to Lorca that will be the last chance for coffee after that it is beer time.
It was gone midday but we managed our first coffee. We saw the young Americans again (more of that later). Just a hot dusty day today, but we had one great highlight, As we came out of the bar at Lorca we were treated to Nessan Dorma by a group of Italian walkers. We gave them a rousing ovation.
There was much downhill after this, on a rocky road. Viv quite likes this terrain, but I hate it. Every boulder is a trap for me and I find my ankles and knees being jarred and twisted at every step.
Further down the road we bumped into the Aussie we had met in Pamplona and we walked the rest of the way with him. His name was Martin and when I blamed him for the Ashes, he told me he was a New Zeelander, worse than that, he had lived in the UK since he was six.
When we arrived at the Albergue, the young Americans came in behind us, Ha! we had beaten them. Then I found out they were from Ireland, so I did not mind them beating us up the hill so much now.
Quite an interesting place Estella, they had a battle re-enactment here today, lots of horses, musket shots and even the odd cannon. It was quite noisy for a while. Then we stopped for our pilgrim menue. Not impressed, tasteless bolognese followed by five chips and a bit of chicken. The wine wasn’t bad though, but the helado was a factory made thing I think they call it a Maxibon.
We returned to where we had a beer earlier and had a bottle of the local cider, too much for Viv so I had to help her with it.
Our new friend Martin turned up and we had a happy hour just talking rubbish, before it was time to return, do my blog and turn in ready for another heavy day tomorrow.
This was our second municipal Albergue, I hope it will be the last. We will not use the municipal by choice again. They are cheep, no doubt, but so over crowded and this time the showers were stone cold. An extra couple of euros is definitely worth paying.
I have my first blisters after our first hot day, one on my left heal, one on my right and one on my right big toe. Lets hope my usual treatment works over here – ignore them and they will go away.
My Tilley hat has been a boon throughout and I hardly know that I am wearing it. The springs on Vivs bunk hung down like man traps and when I caught my elbow on them I started to wonder why I had not caught my head. Then it dawned on me, I had worn my Tilley Hat to bed.



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2 responses to “Day 9 6th day walking

  1. tangobob

    I am a secret agent promoting Google translate.

  2. M

    I am finding your blog really entertaining. Some of your lapses into Spanish leave me wondering but apart from that it is really great. What a wonderful record of your experience.

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