Day 8 5th day walking

Despite being tired, once we stopped we missed the walking. The buzz of the city was at complete odds to what we had come here for. So we were more than ready to go in the morning. We would not look back at Pamplona.
Not that there was anything wrong with Pamplona, we just missed the trail. On top of which I had not been on top form. I spent a lousy night with flue like conditions, barely sleeping, I woke with a banging head.
No time to dwell on this though, two ibuprofen, pack the sacks and we were across the road to the panedaria for breakfast.
It took us an hour or more to clear the city, then longer still to reach any countryside. In fact we had walked 8.5 ks before the trecking poles came out.
Soon though we were climbing again. After a while we stopped at a small alburge for coffee and a bite. The hill in front was lined with wind turbines, I find them quite attractive, but I wonder what Don Quixote would have made of them. We were passed by a group of young Americans. Such is the impetuousness of youth, they passed at a speed, but stopped halfway up for a rest.
At the top of the hill I was not for lingering, far too windy and cold for me. So I took a flyer off the girl advertising the alburge in Puente la Reina and rushed off down the other side.
The views from both sides of the mountain were stunning and Viv stopped often to take pictures, while I attended my runny nose.
We soon descended into Uterga where we stopped for some lomo caliente (fast becoming our favourite lunch).
Then it was a route march the next 7Ks to Puente la Reina. You see, the American lads had passed us again and Viv was not for letting them get ahead. I am afraid we could not stick with the peleton for long though. We lost them about 3Ks later just after Muruzabal.
When we arrived in Puente la Reina we stopped at a big alburge but I was not sure it was the right one, but Viv was insistent. It turned out to be 2e more per person than the one we had the flyer for, but then found we could have a private room for 40e again and unlike Pamplona the bathroom was included. (They took the room with the bathroom off us on our second night in Pamplona). Viv thought it was a cop out, but a private room with bedding and towels, private bathroom for 16e extra, I would be mad not to.
A very nice buffet later for 13e, I think we have died and gone to heaven and we don’t even have our compostella yet.


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