Day six fourth day walking

Despite everything, Viv managed a good nights sleep. When I awoke to the noises of the others rousing she was fast asleep. The Japanese had left at about five in the morning but now it was approaching seven and we had to be out by seven thirty.
It never takes long to get out when your whole existence is in a rucksack, so we were soon out. The problem was we did not know which way to go. Fortunately many pilgrims will point the way. We had followed everyone into the village yesterday and missed the fact that the camino actually passed it by. We had to leave the way we came in.
It looks like another fine day and we made good progress for about a kilometer, as I stopped at a junction, unsure which way to go, the dutch man we had spoken to last night appeared pointing us the right way.
His name was Leo and he had walked all the way from Amsterdam. He made a good companion on the road and we stuck together until Pamplona, where we planned to stop for a rest and visit tango bar we had found on the web.
After no more than 3 kilometers we crossed a stream and another enterprising soul had set up a cafe bar, apparently it had been open less than a month. We had had no breakfast so we stopped for a coffee and some cake. Many from our alburge were here, including the Japanese, who had left three hours before us. I wondered whether they would ever reach Pamplona at this rate.
None of our group of three were firing on all cylinders yet, so when, in another short hop we saw what looked like a giant pizza oven, we stopped again. This time we just had pure orange juice and our first croissant of this journey. The guy put them in the oven for us, freshly warmed they were delicious.
Here we met up with Holga again and another large Danish guy, both appeared to be struggling with their excess waist luggage.
The trail climbed and descended in equal measure. It seemed the only point to the climbs was to make us suffer. Still, this was not a long day for us and we soon arrived in Villava which is on the outskirts of Pamplona.
We stopped to chat to some Dutch people on bikes then continued on to Pamplona. Once there we stopped in another cafe, where we got on the internet and exchanged blogs and emails with Leo. It was time for us to part.
We set off to find the tourist information. This is where things stared to go wrong. We followed the signs, and ended back where we started. I asked a nun, she had no idea, I asked a policeman he sent us back in the opposite direction. We were tired and I was getting naggy. It took us over an hour and it turned out the first sign that we had followed must have been turned slightly.
My decision to find the tourist office first turned out to be a good one. The bar we were looking for was not as far as I had thought and they directed us straight to it. Except it was not there. I asked in a locotorio, he said it was next door but it had changed its name.
We walked in to strange looks, not often do they get pilgrims in here. “Hay tango anoche aqui? I ventured. I got a strange look “Baile?” I tried. “Solo Domingo” was his answer, well we would not be staying until Sunday and who knows if it would be tango then.
We set off in search of a hotel, I was already fed up. We were caminoed and totally unused to cities, so when I found a three star hotel, I would have paid the rate just to rest. “es complet” said the receptionist. Viv thought that they just did not want pilgrims, but whatever, we were not going to be staying here.
We followed the map doing a circle of the main square, when we came across a pension. “This will do us” said Viv. I pressed the buzzer and the door opened. On the first floor we were let into a reception area where we booked in. Only 40 euros a night and we had our own bathroom.
Once we had settled in we set out to try and find some food. Unsure if it was the camino effect or just tired and lack of food, but I was stressing out. I could not get directions and worst of all could not find my way back.
We met one of the big Germans who could not find a room. We pointed him in roughly the direction of our pension, but after hareing off he went the wrong way. Viv was upset and thought we should have led him there, but I said “If I cannot find it back, what use would we be”.
After much searching we finally found a Turkish cafe and ordered platos combinados con pollo. You would not believe how much food was on our plates, despite the day we still struggled to finish it. No beer though, and a pepsi light just did not do it for me. So we went across the road for some well deserved beer.
I got back to find my blog in a mess and the capabilities of this machine (or was it me?) unable to cope.
I spent another hour stressing over everything. We (I) really need the rest tomorrow.
Tomorrow we intend to just see some of the city and soak up the sun. No stress, no walking, and no blog.



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2 responses to “Day six fourth day walking

  1. Irene

    Hi Viv and Rob,
    I hope that you have had a good relaxing day in Pamplona – you both deserve it after all the stresses of your fourth walking day. I am sure that you were absolutely worn out after your travels and a day of rest will charge the batteries and put you back on good form and in high spirits. I look forward to the next instalment about your journey when you get the opportunity. Take care both of you.

  2. Irene

    Hi Viv and Rob,
    I hope that you have had a good restful day in Pamplona – you both deserve it after the stresses of your fourth walking day. I am sure that you were both feeling absolutely shattered and so after a day recharging the batteries, you will be on form again.
    I look forward to your next instalment Rob, when you get the chance.
    Take care.

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