Day three first day walking

We set off about seven. Twelve hours sleep is good going. We should be well prepared for the day ahead
It did not take long to get out and we were soon around the corner where we were told you could get breakfast. When we got there it was 8.5 Euros. As we have to double everything, we thought it too dear. So we set off to where we were last night, it was advertised at 5.5 euros. Unfortunately this place was not open yet. I stopped to rearrange my pack and the patron came out ranting at me, I had my rucksack on a chair and I don’t think he liked it. I still do not know what he was saying, but I guess he had forgotten the tip Viv left him last night.
We left him ranting and we passed through the archway and were immediately lost. We saw a crowd and followed them. Soon we saw Marcus again and stopped to say hello. At this point there were two choices of where to go and it took me a while to check the route. After this though, the way markings were clear, it was just a matter of deciding which route we should take.
We caught up with Marcus again and kept passing him.
We stopped for a rest where the track turned to grass and took some mutual photos.
Viv was now struggling with the weight, despite frequent stops.
At a view point we met a couple from Glasgow who accompanied us for the next couple of kilometers.
We were both starting to feel the weight of the packs, now having climbed some 700 meters up as well as 8 kilometers along. But we carried on.
A couple of bends further we saw our auberge. Both of us where surprised, should we stay or should we carry on? I think Viv was ready to carry on, but I was not ready to put up with her complaining. As a loving husband I decided she should rest.
Over a beer we said goodbye to Marcus and our Glasgow friends.
It looks like we will now make a whole new set of friends here. We thought being so close to St Jean that there would not be many here, but already our dormitory is full.
We still have no WiFi, so my blogs are likely to come in big blocks. I suspect that it may be Pamplona before I can finally post. Meanwhile I must get back to the beer
The food when it came was excellent, masses of soup followed by slices of pork with a bean stew. There were bottles of wine and water on the table. It looked like I had a bottle of wine to myself.Just when I was considering sharing it, the girl who seems to run the place took the almost empty bottle off the next table and replaced it with a full one. I guess I would have to finish it myself, rude not to.
Well we had some lively discussions. I gave some Irish lady an impromptu tango lesson, then the girl who ran the place asked for each one of us to introduce ourselves and say how far we would go.
At eight o’clock we were thrown out. Nothing for it but to go to bed. Plenty of early nights then. Buenos aires this aint.


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