Day two

When we arrived in we met our new German friend again, his name is Marcus.
It also turns out his carriage was first class and had beds. I said that perhaps the web site we went on knew we were Engish and assumed we would not be able to afford it.
We spent the day wandering around Bayonne and when we met up again with Marcus we discovered that the train we were booked on is not running and we must take an earlier bus, that was a close thing. We could have ended up here for another night.
After we had bought some water and eaten the last of Vivs prepared food we headed off again.
I was starting to look like Bear Grylls so when I saw one of those automatic toilets I thought it would be a good oportunity to shave and freshen up. No amount of prodding would enduce the door to open.
Not to be outdone, we had passed another toilet earlier so we headed off to that. I stood outside with my toilet bag and success, the door opened. Then Viv said”Do you want your towel” so I rushed back to my bag. By the time I had found my towel the door had closed again. On returning, it now said ”occupied”. There was no way now to tell it I was not inside. Viv was by now hysterical. Eventually the door openend again, sucess, I was now in. Then after fitting a new blade, I found that there was no water.
Time to give up and go for a beer.
We returned to the station now thinking I could use the services there, no such luck. After wandering around for ten minutes I found them locked up “out of service”.
Then my technology locked up. I thought it might be lack of charge so I found a socket in the station. That did not help so I had to reboot, fortunately it gave me the option to recover my file so this did not need re writing.
Then we were all trying to get on the bus. Vivi thought we would not all fit, I think there was one spare seat. The rucksacks though, had to be shoehorned in. I was surprised that they did not fall out.
We took a very roundabout route to St Jean. We still had to stop at all the stations. When we finally arrived nobody knew where to go. Then a few made a break for it and I saw the signs. I charged after them with Viv in tow, saying we should find a place to stay first.
By the time we got to the registration there was only one or two in front. So we sat down almost immediately.
The guy was very good, even spoke good english. Soon we had our pilgrim passports, a place to stay the night, and even tomorrows accommodation was booked.
We set out to find our auberge, all the time Viv trying to send us the wrong way. On the main street a woman called out “Esponda?” and we followed her round the back. It all looked very neat, though we never understood any of her instructions.
I shaved and showered and felt human again and we set off in search of food. After a while we met up with two scots lads we had seen on the bus, doing the camino in kilts. They pointed us down the hill to a pilgrim menu, only 12 euros. Turns out it was a place I had seen before but never saw the pilgrim menu.
Our scots friends turned up later, and also enjoyed the meal. We were asleep by seven, ready for the day ahead.



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2 responses to “Day two

  1. Lyn

    Thanks for the blog, Bob. Really enjoying the tale and looking forward to reading on about Bob & Viv’s Big Adventure xx.

  2. Irene

    Hi Viv and Rob,
    Lovely to hear from you so soon. Your journey has started well, with only a few minor glitches which adds to the adventure. Looking forward to reading more news as you go along.

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