A whole new adventure

Well the rucksacks are packed, all the food that has not been eaten is either on the compost or tucked away for the journey. We leave for France manana, this will be the last we see of Casa Gresford for some time.
From all the goodbyes, you would think we were never coming back. It is nice to know we are that well thought of.
A few local tangueros are wondering where they will get their fix, but if they really want it, I am sure they will get by, we always managed.
This will be one great adventure for us. Never have we moved so far out of our comfort zone. The journey down through France is booked and we have all our tickets, we even have maps of the two cities so that we don’t get lost. This though, is where the planning ends. We have no escape plan, we do not know how long we will be on the road, and more importantly, we have no idea how we will get home.
There is freedom in having no plan. No one knows what the next day will bring, or where our next meal is coming from and we will never know where we will spend the night.
We do all this alone (well just the two of us) but I am hoping that you the reader will accompany us on our quest and will keep us company with your comments.
All this depends, of course, on the technology holding up and WiFi being available otherwise this may be the last post for some time, and I will be carrying a computer for nothing.
So here we are then, two atheists, on a pilgrimage, leaving ourselves in the hands of the gods.
Adios, and we will see you all on our return.



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4 responses to “A whole new adventure

  1. Lesley

    Enjoy your trip of a life time!

  2. Celsa Nunez

    Hope you enjoy the experience… Enjoy the landscape, the food and people.
    Buen Viaje!!!

  3. jantango

    The journey is bound to change you in some way. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth it. You’ll learn some French and improve your Spanish. Be sure to post a few photos along the way if you can.

  4. Irene

    Adios Amigos,
    Enjoy yourselves – I shall be following you with each and every step.
    Hasta la vista.
    Lots of Love,

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