Soy Jubilado

Don’t you think that the Spanish for “I am retired” sounds so much better than the english?

Well, everyone said “You will wonder how you found time to work”. As you can tell, I wonder how I ever found time to blog. Life is hectic for the newly retired Bob.
I seem to be out dancing every day, not always tango, that is true, but out just the same. My biggest problem now will be the fuel bill. You see there is little if any Tango near me so I spend hours in the car travelling to other milongas.
I have to say they are all making me welcome and the trend is definitely heading towards more traditional music, so I am happy.
My monday crowd are less so, although they have had an unbroken run now for four months, it will soon come to an end as we embark on our great trek.
Talking of which it is only four weeks now before we go. My rucksack is packed. I know I normally pack last thing, but I have been out walking with it all. I need to know I can carry it.

Tonight we are off to another dance, on another night when I should have been working. I know that any time soon I am going to receive calls to retitle my blog. How can I call it “The life of a frustrated milonguero” when i am out dancing so much? Well I suppose we will just have to say it is historic, best to keep the title to remind me of the days when I worked nearly every weekend and so many nights.
If life starts to get me down I can look back and say “actually things are much better now”.



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3 responses to “Soy Jubilado

  1. lyn

    Hello Bob and Viv. Nosotros tambien somos jubilados & agree that it’s pretty good. We’re dancing lots too, and also not all tango. Lots of luck with trek-preparations and hope you’ll be blogging en route as we so want to know how it all goes. Besos y abrazos! L & J

  2. Congratulations, Bob, on your retirement. Good luck to you and Viv on your great trek.

  3. jantango

    No frustration, no stress, no hurry or worry. Just the joy of being, being in the present moment. Viv loves you around all the time and dancing more tango with her. Who has time for work when there is life to enjoy?

    Retirement scares some, but I know you’re one who welcomed it. Isn’t it nice to sleep late when you feel like it? Not worry about being out too late dancing when you don’t have to be at work the next day?

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