Lucky Bob

Well the last three weeks have been some of my best for tango. The vagaries of my rota means that it moves forward one day every week. So when we hit the Wilmslow stepping out milonga on a Thursday I was overjoyed to find Tango Stafford had a milonga on the following Friday. I was late finding out and almost missed it, but we arrived there with friends and had a great time.

Dragging friends with us has become our trademark although the group we managed for Wilmslow was not repeated. The third week on the run we had a milonga to go to, this time it was Stokies on a Saturday night. We only managed to drag one extra woman along but that did not detract from our enjoyment.

For the great nights we have had, I must offer my thanks, to Atilla for Wilmslow, Pauline and Geoff for Stafford, and last but not least Essie Joe and Nath for Stokies. To manage three milongas in three weeks is something of a record for me, but, of course, we have had our regular practicas to look forward to.
Unfortunately for the next couple of weeks we are away, so the tango has to stop for us, but we will be back with a bang on 14th October.
We are off walking, trying to get into shape for our marathon walk next year. So we are having a week in the lakes, and hopefully a return to The Sandstone Trail. Where we expect to not only walk the trail but with luck and a following wind, walk to and from it. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.
On the subject of getting fit, I cycled home this morning in the light rain and I am starting to quite enjoy it. The trouble is this will probably be the last time I cycle to work. I refuse to loose any more sleep than I have to, so I only cycle when I am on nights. Five in the morning is just too early. I only have eleven night shifts to go and I suspect when I return from holiday the weather will be too inclement for me to cycle in. So there it is, the end of another era.


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  1. You have a nice view on tango activity as i see it, maybe you have five minutes to give us an answer to this issue:

    thanks, “Lucky Bob” 🙂

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